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Beautiful flower in a milk carton planter

by brae  

I've added a little bit of life to the Heritage from a True2Scale kit.  It comes with the glossy printed milk carton bottom, clay, soil, a stem and a little paper sheet with leaves and flower petals you color yourself.  I chose to make mine a vibrant red orange, my favorite color.  I added a bit of the soil included with the kit to the center of the flower as well as a light sprinkling of the foam I've been using as moss on the chimney.

The kit was very simple to put together and the results are so realistic!  :D  Love!!!!

Snake Plant

by brae  

One of the few remaining items from my earlier dollhouse days is a book on making miniature plants out of florist tape called Miniature House Plants by Ruth Hanke.  I made an elephant ear plant from a DVD called Master Miniaturists: Flowers & Plants.  It has a similar approach.

There are a ton of house plants in this 1988 book, and I know I've made at least one of them before.  This time around, I opted for the snake plant.

Here's a real life one for example.

image from

For the dirt, I glued in a piece of styrofoam into a ceramic pot.  I then covered the surface with tacky glue and sprinkled on earl grey tea.  It has a nice peat moss quality.

In the book example, while the author did include painting the rough stripes of the plant, she didn't include the wide light green outer edges so I added those based on the real deal.  :D  I then sealed the leaves with Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish.

I poked holes in the styrofoam base, clipped the long wires and glued each leaf in place.  The plant stand is a McQueenie Miniatures kit I made previously.

I rather like how this plant turned out.  :D  I think I'll be making a few more examples from this book.

Note: for those of you who work in half scale, this book includes both 1" and 1/2" scale patterns.  :D

Flowers and shells

by brae  

Seven days left until the deadline....  Yes, I am counting today and the last day.  Every day matters at this point.

Here are a couple more accessories I made.  The first are Bonnie Lavish Dahlias in orange.  I made red ones previously but this time used Bonnie's veiner for a much more realistic leaf texture.  The vases are from Manor House Minis and were originally pale green.

click image to enlarge

The second is a shadow box made from strip wood and painted Mushroom by Folk Art.  I sanded the edges to make it more rustic.  The shells are approximately 1/4" and the largest starfish is about 1/2" in size.  :]  All came from Timber Ridge Studio.

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Bonnie Lavish Sunflowers

by brae  

I made Bonnie Lavish red dahlias previously and loved the results.  The kits are super easy, too!  This time around, I made sunflowers.  I love sunflowers!  There's a field on the way to work that has sunflowers planted about every other year, sometimes two years in a row.  So pretty.

The vase is from Manor House Miniatures.  It reminds me of a bee.  :D  The table is a Concord miniature I refinished.

The kit instructions suggested adding flocking or sand to the centers, so I made some flocking using DMC 3371 and sharp scissors.

Since making the dahlias, I purchased a set of stylus tools as well as Bonnie's leaf veiners, which I think are the bee's knees!  I had used a clay sculpting tool last time, but these made life so much easier.  Here are two leaf before and one after using the veiner.

In addition to loving sunflowers, I love the German name for them, too!  Sonnenblumen.  :D   Even though I highly recommend this Bonnie Lavish kit for easy and great results, there is a wonderful tutorial out in blogland by Nina at MiniMumm: part 1 and part 2.  Her Sonnenblumen are so fabulous!

Flowers and plants

by brae  

Some images in this post can be clicked to view larger.  To see a list of posts showing details on how I made things or what materials I used, click this link.

Homemade shrubbery - an otterine original

Ash Tree (formerly a maple) - tree trunk an otterine original, foliage tutorial by Connie Sauve

Snake Plant - Ruth Hanke design

Tiny white flowers -- work in progress

More autumn leaves

Potted plants

Tabletop Topiaries

The Miniature Garden verbascum and Bonnie Lavish purple daisies

Dogwood tree - for The Aero Squadron Lounge
Tree design by Diane Myrick; flowers and leaves are an otterine original

The Tree - creepy old tree for the Haunted Heritage
Tree design by Diane Myrick; leaves are an otterine original

African violets - The Miniature Garden kit

Autumn leaves - an otterine original

Flower in a milk carton - True2Scale kit

Snake Plant - Ruth Hanke design

Bonnie Lavish Dahlias in orange

Bonnie Lavish Sunflowers

Bonnie Lavish Dahlias

Elephant Ear plant - Shirley Vallas design


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