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by brae  

I am in the home stretch on the Spring Fling, and I figured it was time for a sneak peek!

I've used some "squeeze me" shrubs in my!  They look so realistic...and they are fun to squeeze.  :D

More pretty plants

by brae  

Yeah, so I miscounted.  :D  I needed six plants for the six pots I had in the planter.  In addition to the two I showed you previously, I added these four.

From left to right:
- Bonnie Lavish pansies
- Lavender and Erica moss from The Miniature Garden
- Bonnie Lavish cushion mums
- Greenery (yes, I am aware it's orange) from A Little More in Miniatures

As it turns out, however, they were too crowded in the planter anyway so one gets to sit on the ground.  :D

I might add a few sprigs of greenery to the mums to fill them out some more.

Making pretty plants

by brae  

I've made two of the five plants needed for the rustic planter.  The one on the left is a verbascum plant by The Miniature Garden, and the one on the right has three daisies by Bonnie Lavish with some greenery from A Little More in Miniatures.

I've made the daisies before.  They are quick and easy to put together.  The aged and mossy pot was purchased.

The verbascum plant took longer, but the results are lovely.  The kit had a lot of steps but it was very easy to follow and didn't take as long as I thought it would.  :]  I put it in one of the terracotta pots I painted and glazed.  Both plants have styrofoam inserts under Earl Grey tea dirt.

Dogwood tree - first round of leaves and flowers on

by brae  

Since there is a deadline to the Spring Fling and I do have a number of other things to finish besides the dogwood tree, I decided to first put a leaf and flower assembly on the tip of every branch.  There are just under 100 of them, and if I have to stop due to time constraints the tree is at least fully covered and I can continue to add later.

I have started the process of filling in with more leaf and flower assemblies starting at the bottom.  The lower left branch in this photo shows how the finished branches will look.  It might not end up looking as full as a real life dogwood tree, but I already love it and think it will complement my project well.  Besides, I don't really want to block too much of the building with a dense tree.  :D

Lyssa took a lovely photo looking up through her tree's branches, so I did the same.  :D  I think this perspective will look even better when it is all filled in.

I've painted more paper to make more leaves, too, since I see I will have a lot of flowers left over.

Dogwood tree progress

by brae  

After my last post, Fran suggested a more textured and greyer trunk.  I wasn't able to bump up the texture too much, but I did add a couple of grey washes to tone down the dark brown color I had going.

I already knew I needed lighter color leaves after finding the reference photo in my last post, but none of my markers were the right shade of green.  I ended up painting the strips of paper which resulted in a slight variation of greens.  I think that's okay considering it might add to the dimensionality instead of having a uniform green as the backdrop for the flowers.

Here they are...165 leaf sprigs.  I'm not sure if I will need more flowers and leaves, but it seemed a good place to start.

I colored each stem with a brown marker.  With the green paint base color, it turned the stems greyish green...perfect for matching the trunk.   I then added veins to each leaf on the sprigs with a ball stylus.  I had a few leaf casualties, but I kept the sprigs and the loose leaves.

The middle of a dogwood flower is actually a cluster of smaller flowers.  To add dimension to mimic these clusters, I glued landscaping material by Woodland Scenics to the centers of my shaped flowers.

I glued flowers to a leaf sprig and then glued that assembly to the tree branch using Aleene's Fast Grab.  I usually use Aleene's Quick Dry for just about everything, but this is a thicker glue that does what it grabs fast!  :D

Okay...164 more to go!

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