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Ivy Hollow - that time of year...

by brae  

Looks like I'm doing an autumn scene this time. :D This is autumn gold candytuft from Scenery Solutions - 4 bundles. I'll start making a tree trunk soon.

The HC - landscaping

by brae  

The landscaping board is finished on the edges with iron-on veneer edging.  I then glued layers of white 1/16" foam sheets by Woodland Scenics using Weldbond glue.  I went with thin foam so I could keep the land relatively flat on the baseboard while still allowing for natural unevenness.

For the grass, I'm using Heki Summer Meadow Field Grass.  It has a paper backing that isn't the easiest to seam, but I do like the color, variation and texture.  I also had it in my stash already, so that saved on costs.

Since I'll be planting the 20 shrubs I made around the structure, I opted for mulched areas. This cut down on the grass quite a bit. I started in the back on one side and cut a strip of grass with an uneven edge for a more natural look.

I glued this with Weldbond glue spread with a brush.

I added Woodland Scenics Fine Dark Brown Ballast as the mulch base, to serve as dirt. If there are any bare spots in the mulch, this will blend well.

I held it in place with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement applied with a pipette.

I colored the edge closest to the brick with a brown Sharpie to allow for better blending.  The edge of the grass would be a light green otherwise and somewhat out of place.


I let the ballast dry overnight, then added the mulch.  Again, I used Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement applied with a pipette.

I let the mulch dry overnight and vacuumed the lawn to get rid of any excess.  The shrubs are glued right on top of the mulch with Weldbond and a dab of super glue gel to hold them steady while the white glue dried.  I foresee at least one of these popping off in the future, but at least they are easily repaired or replaced.  :]

With the landscaping in place, it finally looks like a solid structure.  :]

Which came first, the shrub or the egg?

by brae  

The egg, naturally.  :D  Styrofoam eggs to be precise.

I'm a huge fan of Squeeze Me trees and shrubbery, but if you need a lot of them, it can get very pricey.  So, I'm making the pieces myself.  Here are the tree forms, purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I started by checking placement around the structure.

Next, I gently shaped the eggs by rolling them on a piece of cardboard.

I then pressed the bottoms flat and shaped the lower edge.

This makes for a more natural shrub shape than a true egg.

Since each one turns out slightly different from the next, they look more natural overall.  Of course, since shaping them made them smaller, I needed to add one to each side from my initial count.  I ended up using all 18 eggs.

The trees were done similarly by rolling on cardboard, though I cut away bits to make them much skinnier than their original forms beforehand.

I placed each form onto a bamboo skewer for finishing.

I painted them Plantation Pine by Americana, mixed with a little black to darken the green undercoat.  I stippled the paint on with a bristle brush for better coverage.

A cardboard box serves as a great holder as the paint and other finishes dry.

I brushed the shapes with Aleene's Quick Dry glue and sprinkled Woodland Scenics Blended Turf in Green Blend onto the glue.

After sprinkling the turf, I gently tapped additional material cupped in my hand to fill in most gaps.  Final touch-ups are best left until after the glue dries.

Once the touch-ups were done, I applied Woodland Scenics Cement to each with a spray bottle.  Once dry, this keeps the foliage stable enough for gentle handling while keeping a soft appearance.

My finely coiffed shrubbery will be set aside until I'm ready to plant.  :]

Shrubbery in progress...and random minis

by brae  

Tutorial to follow soon.  :]

My boyfriend and I took some wee ones to Dave and Busters over the weekend, and I came away with minis!  :D  These Patron swizzle stick bottles are 1 1/4 inches tall, so they would be more the exhibition size than true bar bottle size in 1:12 scale...but still a super fun and unexpected find.

Also, about a month ago, we went to the Wisconsin State Fair.  He knew about minis that you have to ask for.  :D  These are tiny newspapers that would be passable 1:6 scale.

Watson Mill - books and tulips

by brae  

What else could Gustav need for Watson Mill but books and tulips?  :D  I haven't assembled any more of the Cricut insert books, though they are neatly situated in a box for a movie night or two.  In the meantime, Lyssa was clearing some mini clutter and sent me many packages of the Houseworks book blanks.  These seem better cut than the ones I've seen at other stores, so they stand on their own and are uniformly rectangular.  One drawback is the elastic band around them tends to mar the two outer books.  I saved those for making old worn out books for another day.

I edited and printed covers to match the book dimensions.  Sometimes, I glued the paper over the existing cover and other times I removed the cover and used the insert just depended on the final fit.  These do go much faster, but they have a tendency to open, which is part of the reason I like the glued inserts and blocks of wood. I ran a line of glue long the open edges to help them stay closed.  This is just a sampling. There is a whole bag left!  Thank you, Lyssa!

These are all the same size but will look fine once interspersed with my other random sized books.

Debora made me tulips for my birthday last year, and I have had them in mind for the Mill.

She offered to make some more, and they just arrived.  :D  So beautiful!  Thank you, Debora!

I have two paper kits, which will add another 6 tulips to the bunch.

It has been a bit of a slow week for mini work, but the long holiday weekend is just ahead.  :]

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