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Chicago Spring Showcase of Miniatures April 2022

by brae  

The Chicago Spring Showcase of Miniatures is on through today, so you still have time to shop if you're in the Chicagoland area.

T&D Miniatures and Dollhouses. Vases, and a fox in a scarf that I didn't know I needed. :D

Wellies for Fern!

These might be old stock. They were in a bag stapled to a piece of cardboard, and I saw only the one pair. They are smaller than the usual rain boots I see for dollhouses and therefore perfectly sized for Fern. Umbrella by FranMadeMinis.

Mini Mansions. Brass match holder with long matches. The brass has a marvelous patina.

Suzanne's Dollhouses & Miniatures. I've seen this piece in mahogany before but never blonde wood. The lighter color shows off the lines so well.

Mod Pod Miniatures. Retro cat wall clock.

Jo Anne Roberts. Always a great selection of fabrics.

And a bin to find treasures.

A Little More in Miniatures. I just love the floral arrangements at this shop. They also sell the pieces/supplies to make your own as well, including the chairs with the pots just waiting for plants.

Dollhouse Auctions & Sales. This was a fun table of random bits. I especially liked the mini packaged toys. There was a lot to choose from.

KMWohrstein. I swear I had an anvil, but I must have put it in a safe place. Now I have another. The toolbox opens and is clearly marked in case there's any confusion. :D

I love this small shop vac. Perfect for when you don't want to drag out the big beast.

Fern, a wee cutie

by brae  

This lovely girl is Fern, made by the talented Rebecca at The Old Thread House. You can see Rebecca's fine work on her Instagram page as well.

It's not easy to snag one of these delightful mice, but I managed to nab Fern back before Christmas. She arrived safely from the UK, and she didn't pack light!

Being a seamstress, I was able to remove her mittens without damaging her or them. The scarf was already removable. I heated the glue to remove her boots, but the glue did stain and damage her tights. So, I've gotten her some warm socks until I can remake leggings for her. :]

I bought her a chair and ottoman from 2StinkinCuteMinis. I think she will need her own house someday, but she can at least relax in my living room for now.

I want to make her a spring outfit for the coming warmer weather (I already have a hat for her). Oh, the ideas and plans I have...not enough hours in the day.  :D


Most suitcases and umbrellas by FranMadeMinis; fuzzy socks from Freedom Miniatures; sideboard by Minterior; grapes by Rina Vellichor; Miss Charlotte mouse doll from PamelaJunksMinis.