by brae  

Endora is a beautiful black and white cat from agzr*studios.  Here she is resting on a custom afghan by Woodland Miniatures draped over a Bespaq striped sofa.  The wise owl pillow is from Katie Arthur.

A. Gabriela Z. Rodriguez, the artist who made Endora, does amazing work on human figures as well.  :]


Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Sooooo pretty!! *pet pet*
06/01/14 @ 21:21
Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
Beautiful! You want to scratch her chin to hear her purr :)
06/01/14 @ 21:21
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
She's lovely! (I want to become a mini-pet minder..)
06/01/14 @ 22:11
Comment from: April [Visitor]
She's beautiful, what a lovely facial expression.
06/02/14 @ 05:30
Comment from: Marisa [Visitor]
What a cutie pie...I hope she gets along with the other critters Ellie Mae Clampet....oops I mean Otterine :)
06/02/14 @ 08:16
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]
06/02/14 @ 09:18
Comment from: ladycobblestone [Visitor]
You set up such lovely scenes. I love the cat.
06/02/14 @ 10:27
Comment from: Andrea [Visitor]
What a sweet little princess. Love her! Andrea Purry regards also from Luzi, Tulipe & Rossi
06/02/14 @ 16:26
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]
I love the reclining pose of this cat, and what a Bewitching name! :D
06/02/14 @ 19:28
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Amazing little cat! I want to hug her!
06/02/14 @ 19:34

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