Door to _____?

by brae  

So, say you need access behind a wall...what do you do?  You build a door to get there.  :D

I started with a piece of 1/32" thick bass wood cut to the size of the door I needed (my wall in this example is 1/16" bass wood).  Around this, I drew a rectangle in the area where I wanted the opening.

On one side of the rectangle, I cut an opening smaller than my door.

I painted the inner edge of the cutout.

Since I plan to wallpaper this wall, I needed to cut a template for the rectangle I drew earlier.

Using 3/16" framing strip wood, I cut a frame to fit the rectangle to cover the wallpaper edge.

I used a gluing jig to keep my frame square.

On the lead edge of the door, I drilled a hole to fit a small wood knob.

I left the excess on the back side of the door since this serves as a door stop.

I checked the fit of the frame over the door to make sure it would slide easily.

I then painted the door and the outer frame.  I kept the paint thin and out of the inner track of the frame completely so it wouldn't interfere with the door functionality.

Where does this door lead?

You'll need to wait until July 4th!  :D

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Comment from: Keli Minick [Visitor]

Oh, you are such a tease!

06/10/11 @ 20:02
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]

Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! Quit dashing my hopes of winning!!! You are out-creating me, again!!

That’s it. I’m driving up there right now. Waiting be damned!


PS. Duh, it looks AWESOME!

06/10/11 @ 20:21
Comment from: brae [Member]

Aw, thanks!

Now, Lyssa, you have just as much of a chance of winning as anyone! See you soon! I’ll make some dark chocolate brownies and set out some fresh towels. &#59;D

06/10/11 @ 20:53
Comment from: Marie75 [Visitor]

Hey ! What a smart idea !
Thank you for tip.
Why do we have to wait so long ? It is unfair ;-)

06/11/11 @ 00:34
Comment from: Tam [Visitor]

Maybe it is a store place with dust , smudges and a corpse …
xaxa just kidding :) Nice work

06/11/11 @ 00:59
Comment from: Casey [Visitor]

Brae, That is such a cleaver idea! I can’t wait to see what you do this year. Maybe a record breaking two years in a row? Good Luck!

06/11/11 @ 08:15
Comment from: Julie [Visitor]

awesomely clever and creative!!! love it!!!!

06/11/11 @ 08:16
Comment from: Patty [Visitor]

You are serious???? JULY 4th????? LOL………I am dying of curiosity! The door looks so great and I wanna know now!!!

06/11/11 @ 10:02
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thanks, everyone! Yes, July 4th is the deadline, and I’ll likely need every minute. I got really ambitious this year!

Tam - 88| Whoa! :)) I’ve not done a haunted house yet, so that might be something to keep in mind!

06/11/11 @ 10:24
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]

This is brilliant! I am SO excited to see your entry I can hardly stand it!
Thanks for sharing this idea. Picture frame molding, huh? I would have NEVER thought of that!

06/11/11 @ 18:33
Comment from: kim [Visitor]

Genius! I always learn something when I visit you…and I also can hardly stand the wait :)

06/13/11 @ 09:06

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