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CC2016 - Third iron officially in the fire

by brae  

Here we go!  The Backyard Bungalow kit has been started.  I'm adding a moderately tall foundation, which I cut from 2" wide strips of plywood.  I like using pre-cut plywood strips so all pieces are the same height. Most of this build will be done… more »

Watson Mill - sails, part 1

by brae  

I cut a front wall from foam core board to determine the setup for the sails. I don't want to drill a hole, have to move it and be left with patching issues on the wood board. I mocked up a back wall for now as well and taped the motor in place. I can make adjustments to this wall as needed.… more »

Milo Valley Farm - old electrical pole

by brae  

With the knob and tube system installed in the barn, it was time to figure out how to get power there.… more »

Creatin' Contest 2016

by brae  

There's a new kit in the house!  This is the Backyard Bungalow kit for the 2016 Creatin' Contest hosted by HBS. What will it be?  :D #HBSCreatinContest2016 more »

Milo Valley Farm - landscaping, part 5

by brae  

Continuing work on the landscaping.  For a bit of non-grass vegetation, I have the Goldenrod Weeds "Silflorettes" by MiniNatur.  These come all webbed together, and you cut the stalks off the web to apply individually.  I have summer, late summer, and… more »

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