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Heritage bathroom wallpaper, trim and round window

by brae  

Since I spent so much time on the Spring Fling and other minis this weekend, the Heritage demanded a little time as well.  :D  I had applied the wallpaper on the interior wall quite awhile ago, and I fully admit to procrastinating on the other two walls… more »

Navajo rug update, sneak peek and a thank you!

by brae  

I promise I'm not slacking here behind the scenes.  :D  But, my latest Navajo rug update stands at 153 hours, hardly any progress in the past month. I have much more to show for my time investment, but alas...all I can show you are these three tables… more »

Egg carton stone tiles

by brae  

Another sneak peek (had to hide where this is in relation to the build).  ;D I used egg carton to make 5/8" x 1" stone tiles.  Mom had stockpiled cartons over the past few months, so I was able to use all the same kind for this part of the project. … more »

Turning stryofoam into stone

by brae  

Here is the fireplace as it was last weekend.  :] The surround and internal brickwork are now complete, but the top still needs finishing. It started out as this.  :] more »

Newport in brick for sale - SOLD

by brae  

I had posted about selling the partially completed Newport previously.  I received only one inquiry but haven't heard back from that person since I replied.  If the person who contacted me is reading this and didn't receive my replies, please send me an… more »

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