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Watson Mill - electrical plan

by brae  

Before I could apply the wallpaper, I had to figure out my wiring plan.  I'll need two lines -- one AC and one DC -- since the windshaft motor and dollhouse lighting differ.  Ceiling light channels are simple enough, but I needed to know which direction… more »

Baxter Pointe Villa listed on etsy

by brae  

NOTE: some of you may notice the prices in my etsy shop are being displayed with shipping included per listing.  This is a test being run by etsy and does not reflect any combined shipping discount.  I have not raised my pricing, and I will continue to… more »

Watson Mill - foundation, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the foundation.  I had egg carton bricks on hand, so I didn't bother to reinvent the wheel.  Most of the time, I will measure my board and determine how many bricks across I need and adjust the measurements accordingly.  It's a small… more »

Watson Mill - wallpaper

by brae  

Choosing wall color is a big step in decorating.  I always knew I wanted a pale blue for the main floor, but finding the right shade was key.  There will be a lot going on with décor in a small space, so nothing too dark, too bright or too green to… more »

Watson Mill - foundation, part 1

by brae  

I'm 95% sure I want to do a wood shake exterior on the mill, which means I neglected to leave any space for a foundation.  I made a support system from 1" plywood strips, adding a couple spare pieces of mdf that will help hold it in place when I glue it… more »

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