Category: "Dollhouses"

Good read before the build

by brae  

I've spent a lot of time online looking at what other miniaturists have done and have read quite a few tutorials on everything from making my own furniture to basic building and decorating techniques.  After a quick search on, I quickly discov… more »

The Newport

by brae  

Following the renovation of my childhood dollhouse, I got the bug for the hobby again.  I used to build model cars, though my specialty was to make them look like junkers (photos to come soon).  I had also started a large wood dollhouse kit probably… more »

Flip that Dollhouse!

by brae  

This was my childhood dollhouse, and I renovated it so my mom could give it to my young cousin for her birthday.  It originally had loud wallpaper throughout, which I had painted over rather sloppily when I was younger. Most of the carpet throughout the… more »

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