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Milo Valley Farm - lighting, part 2

by brae  

Back to the barn!  :D  I've shown you the new old stock E-Z-Lectric light fixtures from Itsy Bitsy Old Stuff. I also mapped out my lighting plan. Before I could install the actual 12V lights and the mock knob and tube system, I needed to address the… more »

Watson Mill - adding depth and padding walls

by brae  

No, we haven't fast forwarded two months, but I was in the mood to do some prep work on the Mill this weekend.  Prepping the changed walls now means I won't have to wait for glue to dry when I want to get to the actual build. This post will show you how… more »

Watson Mill

by brae  

Greenleaf Dollhouses held their Spring Fling contest for a number of years, including some years before miniatures became an everyday thing for me.  The 2009 kit had an arch roof and an interesting shape.  The kit is still available today, but I bought… more »

Otter Cove - a pictorial review

by brae  

Restful waterfront living is yours to be had at Otter Cove.  The luxury of an off-the-beaten-path getaway awaits with its picturesque views and creature comforts.  … more »

Good night -- see you tomorrow!

by brae  

Final sneak peek... more »

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