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Milo Valley Farm - barn doors, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the barn doors. I cut new upper reinforcements from basswood since I didn't like the texture of the plywood edges. I marred the basswood pieces to make them look like old wood.… more »

Milo Valley Farm - knob and tube wiring, part 4

by brae  

With the 12V lights wired, I continued the knob and tube system along the side wall.  This was my initial map (I changed the cleats to knobs in the last post). I started with the lower cord from the back cross beam.  The process is the same as it… more »

Milo Valley Farm - porcelain fuse block, completed

by brae  

I finished the porcelain fuse block by adding the knife switch and two fuses.  The fuses are made from brass and silver watch parts (painted) and two clear plastic discs.  The switch doesn't pivot; it's glued in place.  I mixed some brown paint with… more »

Milo Valley Farm - lighting, part 3

by brae  

With the knobs installed on the cross beams, I could wire the 12V lights.  As noted in this post, I ran three wires into the barn -- one more than I thought I would need.  I usually install one extra in case inspiration strikes later, and it has.  More… more »

Milo Valley Farm - knob and tube wiring, part 3

by brae  

With the light fixtures installed, I could start running the cord wire for the knob and tube system. I started with the cross beams. more »

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