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No and yes...

by brae  

No, I haven't been in the milk.  My chin?  No, that's not milk.  Nope, nope.  Nothing to see here.  But, yes, that is the Creatin' Contest build on the table. Jasper is trying to give away my secrets.  :D more »

Rustic flooring

by brae  

I guess I have more for show and tell than I realized.  :D  I'm using the leftovers from The Artist's Studio flooring, various lengths of board Mike cut for me.  It's good to use pieces from my stash and it was just the look I wanted.  In this instance,… more »

From double door to single

by brae  

The Backyard Bungalow kit comes with a double door, but to preserve some wall space, I modified it to a single door.  I love the design of the door window, so I never even considered swapping it out entirely for a readymade component. The doors are… more »

Building a solid foundation

by brae  

After the roller coaster of cat drama subsided, I was finally able to get back into miniature work.  I've bricked the foundation with egg carton bricks.  Always time consuming but with a big return on investment.  :] I had two partial tubes of Burnt… more »

CC2016 - Third iron officially in the fire

by brae  

Here we go!  The Backyard Bungalow kit has been started.  I'm adding a moderately tall foundation, which I cut from 2" wide strips of plywood.  I like using pre-cut plywood strips so all pieces are the same height. Most of this build will be done… more »

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