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Dremel circle cutter and edge guides

by brae  

Today was power tool day.  I mentioned how loud the cutting part was when I cut some plywood circles, so I bought a pair of quality ear plugs. They come in a little plastic case for safe keeping.  I can highly recommend these -- there was zero… more »

The Nine Horses - 16.25 hours

by brae  

I was hit with a bad cold this past week, so I've been doing nothing but sleeping and popping cold meds.  :\  I did some more work on the Nine Horses tapestry now that I'm feeling better.  This is 16.25 hours of work.  Since I'm leaving off part of the… more »

The Orchid idea is congealing

by brae  

The inspiration for the Orchid is a small rural house. Woody's House As much as I would love to do a small rural house, I have the Country Estate now...and that can be my rural house. Or the English Country House. drawing from Decorating & Craft… more »

The Orchid (for now)

by brae  

I'll refer to this cottage as The Orchid until I come up with another name.  There's nothing wrong with "The Orchid" per se, but I'd rather give it a unique name.  :] I picked up the kit at the local Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon, so I am off to a… more »

Happy New Year! (a few days in)

by brae  

We're still getting settled, but the workroom is coming along.  I just need to get my supplies organized and a project on the work table.  Then the momentum of minis will just take over.  :] The Brownstone is my next big project, but I'm feeling the… more »

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