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Flip your lid

by brae  

I cut down the roof boards to fit the modifications I made to the kit, and glued them as one unit.  To finish the roof, I used asphalt shingles by What's Next (found a vintage lot of these on eBay a few years back).  I love the way these look and have… more »

Repairing textured paper

by brae  

I am using textured scrapbook paper called Pressed Tiles - Brown, by The Paper Studio (purchased from Hobby Lobby) for the ceiling.  Love this paper!  I used it in the Heritage kitchen, painted white.  This time, I painted it Liquitex Antique Bronze.… more »

Sunburst gable

by brae  

Here are the front gable parts that come with the Creatin' Contest kit. I started by gluing the bottom trim piece in place. I cut a piece of paper to fit the surface above the lower trim piece.  I cut a Woodsies circle in half and centered it on the… more »

No and yes...

by brae  

No, I haven't been in the milk.  My chin?  No, that's not milk.  Nope, nope.  Nothing to see here.  But, yes, that is the Creatin' Contest build on the table. Jasper is trying to give away my secrets.  :D more »

Rustic flooring

by brae  

I guess I have more for show and tell than I realized.  :D  I'm using the leftovers from The Artist's Studio flooring, various lengths of board Mike cut for me.  It's good to use pieces from my stash and it was just the look I wanted.  In this instance,… more »

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