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Milo Valley Farm - baseboard prep, modifications and lighting plan

by brae  

Before I start gluing pieces to the baseboard, I wanted to prep the edges.  For a few builds, I've left the baseboard unfinished but painted on the edges.  For others, I've added strip wood.  This time around, I'm trying something new...iron-on veneer.… more »

Milo Valley Farm - base and foundation, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the base and foundation.  It was suggested by a Greenleaf member that I prime the foundation wood, so I did that.  I then applied a slightly thinner coating of stucco patch and pressed in the aquarium gravel.   The sample I had made… more »

Milo Valley Farm - modifying the base kit, part 1

by brae  

Bashing a kit is an organic process for me.  I like the trial and error method the best.  Many of my ideas have come from happy accidents.  :]  This is the reason my builds tend to stay in dry fit for so long...often for I figure out… more »

Milo Valley Farm - cars and scale

by brae  

Alright, so the new car has arrived!  It should be no surprise that I chose a Datsun 240ZG.  :D  This is a 1:12 scale kit by Tamiya, and they can be pricey.  I wouldn't say the kit was cheap, but VRC Hobbies had a non-scalping price for it. Here's… more »

Milo Valley Farm - base and foundation, part 2

by brae  

The stone sample turned out great.  The glued portion ended up shiny, so I'll use the stucco patch alone.  It's a solid mass, but a Greenleaf forum member suggested I prime the wood first for longevity, so I will do that on the final go around. The… more »

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