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The Orchid idea is congealing

by brae  

The inspiration for the Orchid is a small rural house. Woody's House As much as I would love to do a small rural house, I have the Country Estate now...and that can be my rural house. Or the English Country House. drawing from Decorating & Craft… more »

The Orchid (for now)

by brae  

I'll refer to this cottage as The Orchid until I come up with another name.  There's nothing wrong with "The Orchid" per se, but I'd rather give it a unique name.  :] I picked up the kit at the local Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon, so I am off to a… more »

Happy New Year! (a few days in)

by brae  

We're still getting settled, but the workroom is coming along.  I just need to get my supplies organized and a project on the work table.  Then the momentum of minis will just take over.  :] The Brownstone is my next big project, but I'm feeling the… more »

S/W Crafts Country Estate

by brae  

I just love an old white farmhouse, which I know must surprise you.  :D  Awhile back, I fell in love with a kit that fellow miniaturist Heather found on craigslist.  It was called Lakeside Manor by S/W Crafts. Sometime later, I stumbled across an eBay… more »

Introducing Roland's Retreat

by brae  

If you've ever wondered what that scratching and clicking is in the attic, it's just Roland Sneakypants up late typing away on the Underwood as he writes his next best-seller.  :D more »

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