Daybed, rug, and a cookie swap

by brae  

I'm just about to start working on the Heritage bedroom paper, but I had a few things left on my work table that were quick to finish.

During my spray painting task yesterday, I changed the color of the daybed from white to burnished copper.

It now flows better with the rest of the furniture.  I also tried out a new rug.  This is the Janet Granger After William Morris rug that I made with custom colors.  I thought the square shape might work better with the furniture layout.

Here is the room with the white daybed and rectangular Navajo for comparison.  I'm still thinking the Blue Medallion rug might work here in the studio but it's too soon to tell for sure.  I need flooring and wallpaper in before I can make a final decision.

Here's the planter outside the door.  I think it will work well, so I'll just extend the side deck to leave enough room for it.

I also plugged the openings in the back wall with scraps of mdf cut to fit, though I haven't glued them in permanently yet.

In other news, I am participating in a mini cookie swap this year, and there are still a few spots left if you want to join.  The full details can be found on Dolly's Gallery Miniatures.  Please contact Gail by tomorrow if you are interested in joining us.  :]  I'll be making white frosted leaf cookies, which I also have listed in my etsy shop.


Comment from: Sarah K. [Visitor]
I really love that planter. I can't wait to see what you receive in your cookie swap.
11/23/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
Ooooo! Much better in the copper color. :) And the planter is Perfection. When you finish the Blue Medallion rug, you should do some comparison shots with the square rug. I quite like that one.
11/23/12 @ 19:03

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