Custom built wine rack

by brae  

I am so brimming with excitement over how this turned out that I just needed to share.  :D

This is attached to a Houseworks cabinet, so I built a box from 1/8" thick bass wood to mimic the structure of that cabinet.  I painted just the lead edges of the inside as well as the entire exposed side of this addition.

Inside, I have a place to hang wine glasses and to store three bottles of wine.  I bought these items at the Bishop show even though they were a little large for scale.  I think they work wonderfully here since they aren't sitting next to anything else that would give away that fact.

I made the glass holder from mini cove was actually a sample from a dollhouse wood supplier.  There was exactly the amount I needed for this project.  Score!

To keep the glasses from sliding too far back, I glued in a block right behind where the second sits.  I left the holder and the shelves in natural wood.

Each shelf is made from 1/16" thick bass wood.  Just as with the glass holder, I put in a stopper to keep the bottles from sliding back too far.

To keep the shelves in straight while the glue dried, I used a 3/8" post as a spacer.

Now, who wants a glass of wine?  :D


Comment from: Jeannette [Visitor]

This is wonderful! You are so clever!!

06/12/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]

Agreed. Clever little genius you are.


06/12/11 @ 10:44
Comment from: Keli Minick [Visitor]


06/12/11 @ 11:46
Comment from: eliana [Visitor]

yes, please. :)
I really like your blog. You make very beautiful miniatures.

06/12/11 @ 12:09
Comment from: Plushpussycat [Visitor]

What a great idea! Thanks for showing us your process too.

06/12/11 @ 13:06
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]

ZOMG! Well done!

06/12/11 @ 15:42
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]

My goodness! What will you think of NEXT! This is so unique! LOVE IT. Yes, I’ll have a glass of wine! :D

06/12/11 @ 17:25
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you all so much! :D

06/12/11 @ 21:07
Comment from: Iris [Visitor]

Total awesomeness!!!!!

06/12/11 @ 23:46
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]

What an awesome project. You come up with the most unique innovations! Yes, I’ll have a nice glass of wine. A piece of cheese would be nice if you have it.

06/13/11 @ 06:31
Comment from: Pepper [Visitor]  

Fabulous. Such a clever idea =0)

06/13/11 @ 09:20
Comment from: craftland [Visitor]

This is a very good idea. Thank you. Regards from Craftland

06/13/11 @ 18:24
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thanks, everyone! :D

06/14/11 @ 08:19
Comment from: kim [Visitor]

wow- what a great idea- and it looks fantastic :)

06/14/11 @ 08:45
Comment from: onbeingaminimum [Visitor]

Great work and shown so carefully. Thank you.

06/18/11 @ 15:36

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