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S/W Crafts Country Estate

by brae  

I just love an old white farmhouse, which I know must surprise you.  :D  Awhile back, I fell in love with a kit that fellow miniaturist Heather found on craigslist.  It was called Lakeside Manor by S/W Crafts.

Sometime later, I stumbled across an eBay listing for another S/W Crafts house that was very similar.  Instead of a full front porch with a balcony, the Country Estate kit has dual entrances and two side porches.  The price was high, so I wasn't able to acquire the kit at that time.

I saw a completed one on my local craigslist, but I'm not a fan of rehabs.  I prefer to start from scratch.  But, the listing made me want the house even more.  The person had built it with white siding and deep stained wood trim -- gorgeous!

Recently, the seller lowered the price on the eBay kit, and we were able to make a deal!  Hooray!  Another vintage kit has been added to my list of future builds!  I'm going to have to live past 100, methinks.  :D

So, here is the head-on view.  The instructions state that this is model #910.

I love the dual entrances.

One is the formal entrance and one leads to the kitchen.

My childhood home had a similar entrance and side porch.

The interior has a good layout, though it will need to have working doors.  :D

However, the material for the walls is not that great.  It's called "solid wood material" in the instructions which is a pressed board milled into siding.

Even though it might be sacrilegious to not use the original pieces for the build, I don't think I could achieve a decent finish with the existing material without a lot more work than necessary.

Making new boards with better materials would be easier and open up some great possibilities for finishes, too.  Like so....

from Wikipedia: Farmhouse in Scheemda, the Netherlands

This build will likely be "farmhouse vintage"...similar to the Haunted Heritage but with a better exterior maintenance plan and a less fancy interior.  :]

I'll be setting up the work room shortly and hope to get back in the full swing of miniatures soon.  The Brownstone parts and accessories are on the table awaiting my attention.