Christmas tree skirt and study décor

by brae  

The next item I made for Christmas was the tree skirt.  I used Word to create a circle 4.5" in diameter and then added clipart trees around the edge.  I printed it on fabric and adhered it to sticky-backed felt.  I then sewed some silver trim around the edge.

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While prepping the room for Christmas, I also added some permanent décor to the room.  As you can see, the study has an interior exposed brick wall just like the kitchen.

The mini bookshelf is actually a half-scale Houseworks unit.  I popped it into the microwave to loosen the glue, removed every other shelf to accommodate 1:12 scale books and knickknacks (though I have none currently), and then painted it.  The books are by the wonderful shop The Miniature Bookshelf.  They provide excellent quality mini books with decorative scale type inside.  The artwork is Little Owl by Albrecht Dürer.  I found a large size image of the work online and then resized it to fit the frame I bought from HBS.  The statue came from eBay.

I also made some more Christmas wrap.  I bought a bag of random minis from craigslist, and the grocery bag was part of the loot.

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Comment from: Monkey [Visitor]
I can't believe you actually found miniature Twilight books.
12/19/09 @ 19:59

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