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The Haunted Heritage in Miniature Collector

by brae  

First, thank you for all the kind words about Sydney's passing.  It means a great deal to me.  :]

I have news!!!  The Haunted Heritage has not only been featured in the October 2014 edition of Miniature Collector, it made the cover!!!  :D

Miniature Collector, October 2014

I was so excited when the writer contacted me about writing an article on the Heritage and even more excited when Miniature Collector accepted our work.  I had no idea my beloved house would grace the cover.

Many of you also pop over to my sewing blog to see me in my creations, but here I am with the Heritage.  The camera was giving me fits with the autofocus (I was taking the photo solo with a tripod), and I ended up with an "alright already" look on my face.  Oops.  :D


I wrote a tutorial for my folding suitcase valet, which is featured as well.  :]

Thank you so much to Renee Biermann for writing a splendid article and to the staff at Miniature Collector for the feature and amazing cover!

The Victoria and the English Country Miniature House

by brae  

Yes, I know I'm a long way from finishing the Brownstone -- barely started, is more like it -- and I have the Creatin' Contest for this year as well.  But, I have two wonderful sets of plans for future builds to share today.  You know how saddened I was over the Carlson's Miniatures Queen Anne Tudor outcome, but either or both of these will more than make up for it.  I wonder if there are any built versions of these houses out there.  :D

First is the Victoria, also by Carlson's Miniatures.  I purchased a set of four plans in a lot on eBay.  I've since resold the other three, but this is why I bought the lot in the first place.

Its footprint is 2' x 2', which is pretty impressive for the amount of detailing involved.  What an interesting structure!

The second is the English Country Miniature House.  This was a featured build in Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine, spreading out over three 1981 issues in January/February, March and April.  I ran across this build in Greenleaf member Debra's album.  The house was designed by Jack E. Cavender, A.I.A., of Doll Domiciles, as noted in the magazine.

drawing from Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine

You can find these magazine issues on amazon and eBay, but you were to send away for the plans.  They are not included in the magazine.  :\

Luckily, Debra had them and decided she would most likely never get around to building the house, so the plans are now in my collection.

She also sent me the April 1981 magazine that shows the completed, furnished house.  Here is a sampling of the fine detailing found inside.  There are six main rooms, so it is open on one side and in the back.  This is the back view.

I picked up the other two magazines on eBay to complete the set.  It's easier to store dollhouse plans than actual kits.  :D

The March 1981 issue shows the landscaping details.  The base is almost 60" wide if you include the shed and side garden.

As an aside, old magazines are a hoot to look through in general.  Mom has a bunch of old craft and knitting magazines she plans to keep.  We flipped through one of them, and the thing that jumped out at us the most were the cigarette ads.  You don't see those anymore.  First page of the Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine from 1981...a smiling dude smoking a Golden Light.  :O  There was even a cigarette ad on the back cover...with one more somewhere in the middle.  So strange to see these now.

There was also an ad to sign up for the House of Miniatures kit-of-the-month club!  Now we scour eBay and garage sales looking for these treasures.

Generous readers

by brae  

I am always uplifted by the lovely comments and helpful suggestions left on my blog, so you can imagine how overjoyed I am when generous readers send me fabulous gifts.  :D

First, Barbara found a copy of The Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe and America by Wendy Kaplan.  She thought it would be a great reference for The Brownstone, but it is a wonderful coffee table art book in its own right.  Barbara found it at a used book store, but I think she and I are the first to crack it open.  It's brand new!

It's a large hardcover book with a lot of rich photos.

Look at this gorgeous piece!  I wouldn't know where to begin.  But, there are a lot of great pieces that would be worth the effort to create them in mini.

In the box, she sent along three Daisy House kits: double bed, tea trolley and preserve cupboard.  I love building furniture kits, and these will go to great use!

There's also a high quality tile sheet and some Brodnax paper that I have some ideas for already.  :D  Thank you, Barbara!

Daphne was doing some reorganization and gathered some supplies she would not be using.  She sent me a box full of wonderful things!  First, lights, lights, lights!  She sent duplicates of these, and they are going to work well for some ideas I have.

Two low book cases by minisx2 and a pair of modern chairs.  Love!

Beautiful tables by minisx2.  :D

A sideboard with sliding acrylic doors by minisx2.  Marvelous!

A swatch book from The Shade Store - ideas are churning here!

Two shelves and a compact kitchen unit.  So sleek and modern!

Nesting modern tables.

A modern coffee table.

And, two House of Miniatures kits.  Marvelous!  Thank you, Daphne!

Big art, mini art

by brae  

I'm still putting the house back together, but I hope to have minis to share soon.  :]  This is the new painting for the bedroom: Dark Hallow Illuminated by Dan Campanelli from

I just love it!  It's so serene and reminds me of my vacations out East.  :D  It's the perfect pop of color against the new wall color, too.  That's Benjamin Moore Silver Fox.

Inside the box, there was a booklet of art and a 30% off coupon to entice a second or third art purchase.

What's wonderful about this booklet is that the print quality is outstanding and it's filled with tiny artworks!  These will be perfect to cut out and frame.

The paper isn't glossy like most magazines or catalogs, which will work well for miniature art.

It's so nice to find minis where and when you least expect it.

My feature in The Dolls' House Magazine

by brae  

My mood was brightened today when I received my copy of The Dolls' House Magazine all the way from the UK!  In the November 2013 issue, there's a full write-up on The Artist's Studio.

Christiane wrote to me a few months back about featuring the Studio, and we had a nice chat.  It's so wonderful to be featured along with so many other talented artisans!

It was my first time reading the magazine, and there were not only a lot of great builds featured but a number of projects, patterns and tutorials.  A very fine magazine!  Think I'll have to put that on my Christmas list.  ;]

I want to send out a huge thank you to Christiane and the staff at The Dolls' House Magazine for a wonderful feature!  :D

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