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Seeking a book

by brae  

I am seeking this book if anyone has a line on one.  It's Making Model Horse Harness by Anne Funnell.  From what I gather, she used to be Lenham Pottery Models, involved with both horse models (including scale model harness kits, which would be awesome to find as well) and dollhouse pottery.  It seems her business and website are no longer active.  The book was apparently self-published as well, so it's likely scarce.

Please let me know if you find the book.  :]


UPDATE: I found it!!!!!  :D

Memories and gifts

by brae  

The miniature community lost a talented miniaturist and lovely lady, Elly in Amsterdam.  I knew her through a petitpoint group and never met her in person, but she was one of the sweetest ladies and super fun.  She's definitely missed.  One of her close friends is also a talented miniaturist and is looking after Elly's estate.  Josje has a blog of Elly's miniatures for sale, and I bought two items to have something from Elly.  :]

These cat matryoshkas are beautifully painted and actually function.  There's still a set left as of this post.

Too stinkin' cute!

The coal scuttle is something I don't have a plan for, but it is so well made it could be just an antique used for décor in a more modern setting.  :]

One little coal was included.

Mom gave me two needlework books for Christmas that I'm sure Elly would have loved.  The first is Embroidered Cats by Hiroko Kubota.

While it's not an instruction book and not for beginners, the book illustrates the process of turning a photo into an embroidered likeness.  I might need to see about making a needlework Jasper.  :D  With a little planning, it could probably be done in miniature to make a wall hanging.

The other book is Cluny Tapestry Rabbit, a counted cross-stitch pattern by Scarlet Quince.  Elly made a similar one in miniature for a fire screen.  This is a larger pattern, but with a high count fabric, it might be a good wall tapestry in miniature.

Speaking of stitching, I'm starting some sewing projects over on the sewing side of my blog if you're interested in my other creative endeavors.

Happy New Year 2018!

by brae  

Yeah, I missed blogging for Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Ah, well.  I had some ideas, but time got away from me.  Life has still been good, so no worries.  I haven't given up on minis, either, but my schedule has changed quite a bit leaving less time for creative endeavors.

I do have a new toy, though!  Mr. Meeseeks is from the Rick and Morty show.  It's a funny albeit crass show that isn't for everyone, but I love it!  Mr. Meeseeks is my favorite character so far.  He comes with a gun and a golf club (makes sense if you've seen the show), but here he is about to enjoy some wine after completing his work.  :D

Say what now? Yep, I'm on Instagram

by brae  

I have dipped my toe into social media and signed up for Instagram.  :D  Huge step for me, really.  I have no idea what I am doing, so be kind.  I'm still rocking a ten year old cell phone, so these icons and functions are like learning a foreign language.  As it is, I had to dig out an iPad I won in a promotion to upload.  I posted the Haunted Heritage since I had a square photo of it at the ready.  I have no idea how to do hashtags, so it looks like there are youtube tutorials in my future.  I suppose it will all come in time.

The Scale Cabinetmaker

by brae  

The Scale Cabinetmaker was a periodical printed from 1976 - 1996 on fine miniature making.  I've perused the occasional volume here and there, but there are 80 issues in total so collecting them one at a time seemed rather daunting.  You can find them in digital form from Dorsett Publications (there is a free download there for you to sample), but I prefer the physical booklets.  As luck would have it, during one of the online shows there was a gal selling her mother's estate.  Included was a large selection of The Scale Cabinetmaker booklets.  She was asking a good price, so I bought the lot.  I found a smaller lot of 10 booklets on eBay, so I now have 61 of the 80 volumes.  :]  I still hope to collect the remaining 19.

I set out making a list of the projects that I wanted to try and noting the volumes with general instruction.  I admit many of the projects are either over my head or are from eras I don't plan to build.  However, there is a wealth of information on techniques and tools as well as plenty of items I do want to make.  The metal fire screen, jeweler's saw and drill press classes opened up the possibilities as well.  More things make sense to me now, so the classes more than pay for themselves.  :]

I bought a triangular architect's scale since most of the drawings are in full size measurements, though they do list the thicknesses of materials to be used.  I understand the appeal of true to life measurements, but it will be a learning experience for me.  It is great training for taking other real life projects and transferring them to mini.

Of course, the project that really appeals to me is a double black diamond.  It's a combination wardrobe, desk and Murphy bed.  I never do things halfway.  :D

But, I shall start with smaller projects like a coffee table and magazine rack to get a feel for the scale measurements and instruction.  Then I can move on to the Big Cheese.

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