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Generous readers

by brae  

I am always uplifted by the lovely comments and helpful suggestions left on my blog, so you can imagine how overjoyed I am when generous readers send me fabulous gifts.  :D First, Barbara found a copy of The Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe and… more »

Big art, mini art

by brae  

I'm still putting the house back together, but I hope to have minis to share soon.  :]  This is the new painting for the bedroom: Dark Hallow Illuminated by Dan Campanelli from I just love it!  It's so serene and reminds me of my vacations… more »

My feature in The Dolls' House Magazine

by brae  

My mood was brightened today when I received my copy of The Dolls' House Magazine all the way from the UK!  In the November 2013 issue, there's a full write-up on The Artist's Studio. Christiane wrote to me a few months back about featuring the Studi… more »

The Haunted Heritage in Miniaturas magazine

by brae  

I wasn't sure about writing on this subject, because it is a bittersweet thing for me.  I was surprised to find that The Haunted Heritage was published in the latest issue of Miniaturas magazine, the same publication that featured The Artist's Studio… more »

I've been published!

by brae  

I just received my first ever print publication!  Miniaturas is a magazine from Spain, and unfortunately, I can't read the text.  But, it is an amazing feeling to have my work published in print.  The quality of the magazine is wonderful, and there are… more »

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