Bespaq bed makeover, the base coat

by brae  

You might recall from my previous post, this is where the bed started.  The finish was too dark and the bedding too large for scale.

I then primed it with grey spray paint to cover the red wood and varnish shine.  Of course, I didn't take a better photo of it in grey.  :\

Here it is after a few coats of Krylon Almond in satin finish.  :D  We're getting there!

There are a few imperfections in the paint coverage, but those will be hidden by the bedding.  I'm thinking of adding some aging and hand-painted detailing.

I won't go all out like the vanity, but I think this bed will coordinate well with it.


Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
Nice! I really like that color.
03/13/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: Angie Martin Hall [Visitor]
That is lovely! Let us know if you plan to do any aging of the finish, and how you'll go about it. Fantastic work.
03/13/12 @ 19:30
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
That bed is stunning and I love it in that colour!
03/13/12 @ 20:14
Comment from: April [Visitor]
Oohhh very nicely done. It does match the pretty vanity so much better now. I'd certainly give some detailing a go, the worst that can happen is you don't like it and paint over it again.
03/13/12 @ 20:57
Comment from: Heather [Visitor]
Very lovely. This set is turning out really nice.
03/14/12 @ 07:32
Comment from: Caroline [Visitor]
Wow! That bed is now sensational! I can't wait to see what bedding you put on. hugs Caroline
03/14/12 @ 09:01
Comment from: Evelyne [Visitor]
Fantastic work on the bed! What a difference the right color/finish can make, wow!
03/14/12 @ 10:26
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>> I am eager to start working on the bedding...but I must tend to the parlor first!
03/14/12 @ 11:17
Comment from: Iris March & Judith [Visitor]
It's amazing what a difference the color makes! And it doesn't look difficult to do. I have a few pieces where the color is not to my taste. Now I can fix it! Brae, Is grey the base coat color to use or does it depend on the before and after colors? Thanks
03/14/12 @ 14:41
Comment from: brae [Member]
For darker colors, I'll sometimes use flat black as a primer if the item is very light. This latest grey primer I have is darker than others I've used, so it took more coats of the almond color to cover it. You could use just about any flat paint as a primer depending on your final color, in my opinion. I just normally buy grey since it works well under just about anything, and I keep a small can of flat black in my cabinet since it is good to have around even though I don't use it as often. Just use thin coats any time you spray paint and leave plenty of drying time before handling.
03/14/12 @ 14:52
Comment from: rosa [Visitor]
Fantástica, es una cama para un Rey , felicidades :)
03/14/12 @ 15:19
Comment from: Maria- [Visitor]
The bed is gorgeous in this color. Cant wait to see it finished. Hugs Maria
03/14/12 @ 16:40

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