Master bed and box springs

by brae  

I bought a Daisy House full bed kit before I knew I had the knack for scratch building furniture, but I still like it and think it was worth it.  :D  The wood in the kit was high quality, and it went together beautifully.  The kit even comes with sandpaper, toothpicks and cotton swabs to help with assembly and finishing.

Instead of finishing the headboard and footboard with the supplied flat wood, I used the leftover carved post toppers from the House of Miniatures single bed kit I used for Baslow Ranch.  I painted the bed black and sealed it with satin varnish by Delta Ceramcoat.

Interestingly enough, it looks a lot like my real life bed!  :]

Even though I am mainly working on the guest room for the moment, I wanted to finish the master bed so I could complete some of the same steps needed for both beds at the same time...namely the mattresses and box springs.

For the box springs, I used three layers of foam core board glued together with tacky glue.  I cut them smaller than the bed frames to leave room for fabric coverings.

I prepared a long strip of fabric by using HeatnBond (a fabric adhesive) to create a double thickness of material.  The fabric would have been too thin to use a single layer.

After gluing one end of the strip to one of the shorter ends of the foam core board stack, I wrapped the strip all the way around the bed without using any glue until I got back to where I started.  I didn't want the sides to look glued down or for the layers of board to show through.

I clipped the corners on the top and bottom edges and then glued the flaps down on either side.

The result is a covered box spring pretty enough to show.  :]  I'll use the same method for the mattresses as I used for Baslow Ranch.  The mattresses will cover the tops, so only the pretty fabric sides will show.


Comment from: Anikó [Visitor]

I love all your furniture, you maka a neat job of them!

07/19/10 @ 02:10
Comment from: george the miniguy [Visitor]

Your bed looks wonderful! When we get done with making the barbershop, I may suggest our club do a bed. I like what I see so far, please continue with your photos and instructions. Thanks!
P.S. Thanks for following my blog! I hope you will find a few things of value there.

07/19/10 @ 20:55

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