Beautiful autumn fruit basket, a soft handmade rug and a small kitchen stool

by brae  

I plan to make some polymer clay food somewhere down the line, but when I saw this beautiful basket from Hungarian Miniatures on etsy I just knew it would be perfect for the Heritage.

You would not believe the amount of detail!  Bözse makes beautiful minis, and I am proud to display this wonderful creation in the Heritage.

I found this beautiful rug by Katie Arthur of Dollhouse Littles on etsy and loved it.  The texture of it is amazingly lifelike.

I really hadn't intended for it to be for the Heritage, but when I put it on the wood floor to photograph it the room felt complete with it.  I added the furniture and discovered that the round shape worked perfectly.  It didn't cover too much of the floor and didn't interfere with the legs of The Sofa.  The legs of the coffee table are thin enough so most of the rug shows underneath it.

The soft colors and light tone of the rug work well to tie in the fireplace in an otherwise dark room.

I started making a small Chrysnbon plastic stool for the kitchen.  It's from the Victorian bathroom kit and had been originally intended for Baxter Pointe Villa, but I ran out of time with that build.  I needed something to keep the flower pot off the floor and in case grandma needs to reach for something up high.  Right now it is just plain white plastic, but I'll paint it to give it an old, well worn look.  :D


Comment from: dale [Visitor]  
The harvest basket of fruit is beautiful and I love that rug. You are right, the rug adds just the right touch to the room. The floors look fabulous! :)
02/16/12 @ 19:39
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
Fabulous!!! All of it is amazing. :)
02/16/12 @ 20:48
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>>
02/16/12 @ 22:38
Comment from: Fabiola [Visitor]
Beautiful purchases. Bye Faby
02/17/12 @ 03:34
Comment from: Margriet [Visitor]
The basket with fruit is beautiful!! And I like the rug very much, it's just the right size! It would be a shame to cover that beautiful floor too much!
02/17/12 @ 04:26
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Beautiful finds, Brae! That lady is very talented!
02/17/12 @ 08:56
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
It's beginning to look very homely in that room now and I love the fruit basket - especially the shape of it and the colours go so well with what you have in there already. A good buy!
02/17/12 @ 10:42
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :D
02/17/12 @ 23:47

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