Bathroom progress

by brae  

How do you get beadboard to look like it has been painted 50 times?  You paint it 50 times.  :D  Okay, maybe I didn't paint the bathroom walls 50 times, but I lost track of how many coats of paint I put on it.  At least now it's relatively smooth.

Using spray adhesive, I mounted the Flower Frenzy paper by We R Memory Keepers onto a sheet of regular drawing paper for stability and then sprayed it with matte sealer.  I didn't want it to be shiny, just a little deeper in color and not so paper-y.  ;]  I like the way it looks like worn down linoleum.

The wallpaper is Cute Little Diamonds paper by The Paper Studio.  I don't have the paper on the front and outer walls installed permanently yet because I need to finish the chimney.  I know Keli would have a fit if I didn't continue the chimney inside the house!  ;D

As I mentioned before, I know that the high tank loo isn't exactly 1920s.  For now the toilet has been assembled right out of the box.  I used Krylon Gloss Ivory on the loo and flat black on the seat, lid, tank and brackets.  I hand brushed Testors Aluminum paint onto the lever and pipe in the tank.  I also painted the main pipe even though it was molded with a chrome finish in the original kit.  I didn't want the pipe to look brand new.

This is the style of toilet I plan to craft for this space using the base and pipes of the Chrysnbon kit.  I need to address the tank.  Fran suggested a dental floss container, which would be perfect except for the size.  I see meandering trips through Target and Home Depot in my future.  :D

image from ArchiExpo

The medicine cabinet is also from the Chrysnbon kit.  I painted it with Krylon Almond in satin finish, the same paint I used on the Bespaq bed.  I like that it matches somewhat but I didn't want a glossy finish to compete with the sink.  The hinges and knob are painted with Liquitex Iridescent Bronze.  I am still working on the Chrysnbon sink.

The wall sconces are Chrysolite kits, though I left off the reflectors.

the original kit photo

I painted the brass parts copper to match the bathroom colors and switched out the included wires for replaceable bulb sockets.  I painted the wires black to make them less obvious.

The wires go through the wall toward the hallway.  I made thin channels in the wood and taped the wires toward the ceiling.  These wires will be directed through channels on the attic floor and out the wall to the space allotted in the chimney.

With a piece of white foam core propped in for the ceiling, I can already tell I am going to love this room when it is enclosed and finished.  :D

The door is propped in place backwards (door opening out) for now since it will take some work getting the interior trim in place.  The beadboard takes up some of the extra wall thickness, so I'll need to pad the framing around the top and sides of the opening.

I made the small stool from the bath kit, too.  I sprayed it flat black, but the top was rough so I had to follow up with acrylic paint.  I topped it off with satin varnish, and now it looks like a vintage piece that's been painted and painted and painted.


Comment from: Lori [Visitor]

This is looking incredible…….always checking to see how far you have gotten :)

04/12/12 @ 00:58
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]

I’m interested to see what else you have planned for the chimney…I can’t imagine you’d bring it all the way down to the bathroom floor on the inside…are you finishing it down to the bottom of the wider top part?…maybe just in the attic?…but that wouldn’t interfere with the bathroom wallpaper…it looks great as is….I’m very very curious.

I have to quit reading your blog before I’ve had coffee. I have it set as my home page since you don’t show up in my reader anymore and I don’t want to miss anything.

The sconces and cabinet turned out great. As the occupant of an antique bathroom might I suggest a little rust on the cabinet hinges? I’d suggest a layer of dust on top of it too, but that’s a reflection of our housework efforts, not the age of the cabinet &#59;)

I love the aged detail you gave to the bathtub…it’s spot on, my dear!

Your plan for the toilet is intriguing but the shape of the proposed new tank stymies me…I’ll let it roll around my brain today to see if I come up with an idea….my brain needs a break from the Spring Fling. What are the proposed dimensions?

04/12/12 @ 05:02
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thanks, Lori and Keli! For the chimney, it will be full in the attic and taper down on the top portion of the bathroom wall. It’s probably still unrealistic, but it will at least hint at the essence of the chimney being solidly part of the inside and outside of the house. :)

The Chrysnbon toilet is small…well, most Chrysnbon kits tend to be a bit small in comparison to other furniture. The dental floss container is a good shape, just too big.

04/12/12 @ 05:10
Comment from: April [Visitor]

I’m liking this floss tank idea a lot. I’ve had that kit floating around here for the BeacHill but didn’t want to use the overhead tank. It should be relatively easy to re-size a floss container if needed.

Also, your visitor Kelli seems to be having troubles with reader - if she’s using google reader (which is what I use) she just has to make a simple change to get your blog to update in it. or any other non-google blog for that matter. Open reader- use little drop down arrow to the right of “subscriptions” (at the top of the left side where it lists what you follow). Click add a subscription and copy/paste in your URL, hit add and voila!

04/12/12 @ 05:45
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]

Perhaps a traveling toothbrush cover? They have the same shape, but are much smaller. I know you can get them at the Dollar Tree, but I think Walmart/Target has them, too. They just cover the bristles, not the handle.

I really love the way the bathroom is coming together. All the parts are so fabulous.

I love the chimney up against the house. It’s a great work of art on its own, but with the house it is just incredible.

04/12/12 @ 06:47
Comment from: Mary Lynne [Visitor]

Of course you can always have sensible people living in your house who believe “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it". They may not feel any need to upgrade to one of the new-fangled, low-slug commodes. :)

04/12/12 @ 08:29
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]

The bathroom is absolutely stunning with the sconces! I love how you did the toilet and the tank and the wall cabinet! I would not change a single thing about the tank. I think it goes well with that toilet. I’ve seen it in so many houses. But then, Brae, you are so innovative, and if you do decide to change the tank, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be done just right. A big thank you, also, for all those paint recipes you always give out.

04/12/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: Cristina Bottaro [Visitor]

perfect, very beautiful! Kisses in your heart.

04/12/12 @ 15:15
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]

I am intrigued at how the US sanitary arrangements must have been ahead of Australian. Our real life 1935 Queensland house had a high set toilet, the cistern of which was almost identical to the Chrysnbon model. Outside only - inside toilet had to wait until the 70s, although even further behind was Sydney which still worked on a pan and night soil collector system in many areas until the 70s.

04/12/12 @ 17:18
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you, everyone!

Christine, that is interesting! It is definitely true that history of modern conveniences varies by locale…and money, I am sure! :yes:

I do like the tall tank as is…so I might leave it. But, I just feel I have to give the updated one a try to see. :D

04/13/12 @ 16:05
Comment from: Ellen tedford [Visitor]

You inspired me to do my bathroom over! I have “The Lily” with a big bathroom. My Grama had a high tank toilet well into the forties. I was pretty little but I remember it! Lovecwhat you have done, Thanks!

02/07/16 @ 17:51

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