Baslow Ranch - Attic

by brae  

The attic was a lot of fun.  I've seen other miniaturists' attics with newspaper wallpaper, and I wanted to do something similar.  I took images from newspapers online, resized and printed sheets on two shades of parchment paper I had in my stash from my old art school days.  The subtle translucent quality and the mottled coloration added a lot of realism.

Then came the task of cutting out each individual page of newsprint so I could apply the paper piece by piece.

Once the attic floor was in place (in the photo below, you can see the pieces of strip wood I used to brace the divider), I glued beams along the walls, leaving 1 1/2" between them.  I then coated the wood beams with a black and brown wash.

I used the individual newspaper pieces to cover the sections between the beams, mashing the paper, gluing wrinkles in place and turning some corners down.

I love the way this turned out!  :D

I used the same process on the ceiling portion of the attic and added some water spots with a brown paint wash.

I had these books from a lot of furniture and accessories I bought from craigslist and covered them with covers I found on, printed on parchment paper.

I placed one book in the room below and rest into a purchased crate that I aged with paint washes.  The hurricane lamp is by Clare Bell Brass aged with brown paint.  Its cord is hidden under the crate.  This is a tiny room, but leaving it dark meant you couldn't see the details I added.

I love it!!!!  :D  And, the great thing about this room is that the older and dustier it gets over the years, the more realistic it will look.

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Comment from: Grace [Visitor]
Really nice job, I love the water stains on the ceiling newspaper!
06/01/10 @ 06:27

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