Category: "Art, photography"

An early Halloween gift from mom

by brae  

I had mentioned to mom that I wanted Peiwen Petitgrand's book on making clay food for Christmas.  I am sure most of you already know Peiwen's beautiful work from her blog Oiseau deNim, but if are missing out!!!  Anyway, mom bought the book and… more »

Absinthe fountain set - non-mini

by brae  

I don't usually write about non-miniature related things here on my blog, but this is so beautiful I just had to share. This beautiful absinthe fountain set with glasses, spoons and sugar cubes was a Christmas gift that I have just had the time to… more »

My life as a photographer and artist

by brae  

If any of you have ever poked around on (where I host my blog), you've discovered I am also a photography enthusiast.  My website is hopelessly outdated and since I have a regular job in addition to my sewing and miniature hobbies, it… more »

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