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Autumn color

by brae  

Even though I have no minis to share, I've been inspired by Claudia to post some pretty pictures...or interesting ones at least. The tree outside the living room window is deep red right now. :] … more »

My new-to-me toolbox

by brae  

I must have barn finds on the mind.  :D  I was at one of the local thrift stores and picked up a few odds and ends: craft paint, a mini organizer, small bowls to keep my veggies from scooting all over the plate when I'm trying to eat dinner, etc.  But,… more »

Ah, the life

by brae  

Be back soon... more »

Is this thing on?

by brae  

I apologize for the long duration of elevator music.  :]  Here's a cute cat photo to distract you. more »

Miniature inspiration in real life

by brae  

I neglected to take some true before photos for some parts of the new house since it was a hurried renovation and move-in.  :D  I have to start by saying the sellers had great taste, but it was too modern for my personal style, which is more French… more »

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