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And the winner is...

by brae  

Hard to believe the first month of the year has already passed.  I've been a little slow getting back into minis, but we all need time to recharge.  Today is the draw for my 2016 calendar.  :] There were 41 entries in the draw. And, the winner… more »


by brae  

I recently inherited a large tub of quilling supplies that included tools, paper packs and kits.  The art of paper quilling is a beautiful decorative art that can cross over into the miniature realm.  My grandma Grace taught me this art when I was… more »

2016 - a year of minis

by brae  

I've shown you the Shutterfly books I've ordered before (one and two), but this time I ordered a desk calendar and wall calendar.  The wall calendar was free with a coupon, but the desk calendar I bought. The desk calendar is roughly 6" x 11" and has a… more »

Snow day!

by brae  

Well, snow night anyway.  :]  It's a good time to be indoors working on minis! more »

Autumn orchid

by brae  

Our office has a rotating schedule for flower and plant service, and they supply orchids for various locations in the building.  The CEO office always has one, and since I sit right outside of that office the old orchid is given to me during the… more »

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