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by brae  

I was followed home yesterday.  :D This is Morris.  He's a "regular" short hair Syrian hamster, so he's twice the size of the dwarf hamsters I usually have.  He's full scale! Morris is very friendly, likely since the gal at the pet store handles the… more »

No and yes...

by brae  

No, I haven't been in the milk.  My chin?  No, that's not milk.  Nope, nope.  Nothing to see here.  But, yes, that is the Creatin' Contest build on the table. Jasper is trying to give away my secrets.  :D more »

Spray painting that you?

by brae  

Finally a break in the weather! I have been airing out the house with fresh spring air and preparing pieces for spray painting outdoors...but that's a secret project.  I also prepped my landscaping base with iron-on trim and have applied some siding to… more »

Quilling kits for sale and cat update

by brae  

I posted about some quilling kits I inherited in a previous post.  I've finally gotten around to posting the ones I don't plan to keep on eBay.  Come on by and see if there is something you like.  These are vintage kits but complete and sealed.… more »

And the winner is...

by brae  

Hard to believe the first month of the year has already passed.  I've been a little slow getting back into minis, but we all need time to recharge.  Today is the draw for my 2016 calendar.  :] There were 41 entries in the draw. And, the winner… more »

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