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My new-to-me toolbox

by brae  

I must have barn finds on the mind.  :D  I was at one of the local thrift stores and picked up a few odds and ends: craft paint, a mini organizer, small bowls to keep my veggies from scooting all over the plate when I'm trying to eat dinner, etc.  But,… more »

Ah, the life

by brae  

Be back soon... more »

Is this thing on?

by brae  

I apologize for the long duration of elevator music.  :]  Here's a cute cat photo to distract you. more »

Miniature inspiration in real life

by brae  

I neglected to take some true before photos for some parts of the new house since it was a hurried renovation and move-in.  :D  I have to start by saying the sellers had great taste, but it was too modern for my personal style, which is more French… more »

Cat Tree!

by brae  

This post isn't about a mini, but a mini replica could be easily made. One of the things I promised Jasper for being such a good boy through this moving process was a cat tree.  There was no room for anything big at the condo, but now there is plenty of… more »

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