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by brae  

Clyde is a handsome Hoopoe bird by Katie Doka of FairiesMiniatures.

She's captured the plummage beautifully.  Be sure to check out pictures of them interesting!  :D

Sneak peek with Isabeau

by brae  

I've had the week off from work and completed some work on my Creatin' Contest build.  Here's a quick sneak peek with Isabeau modeling.  I've added Brodnax Willow wallpaper, stained trims and installed the new single door.


by brae  

I was followed home yesterday.  :D

This is Morris.  He's a "regular" short hair Syrian hamster, so he's twice the size of the dwarf hamsters I usually have.  He's full scale!

Morris is very friendly, likely since the gal at the pet store handles the hamsters often. When I got home, he was perfectly still and flat in the cardboard carrier.  I thought this was a comment on my driving.  haaaaaaaa  For a moment, I thought I had scared the wits out of him.  He ran in his wheel shortly after being introduced to his new home and was asleep in his house when I checked on him this morning.  :]

There is mini work going on, but it was a busy work week this week, and it's been super hot with lots of storms.  I've been trying to do a little work every other day and then putting in more time on the weekends...but summer also brings gatherings and fun stuff to do outside.  The time goes by so fast.


by brae  

I have a new mini bird in my life, but this one I didn't make.

I've named him Sam, though his beak is true to life rather than cartoonish like the one of his namesake Toucan Sam.  :D  Man, I haven't had Froot Loops in a long time!

Sam is a gorgeous Toco Toucan made by Katie Doka of FairiesMiniatures on etsy.  He's quite perfect.  In fact, he's so lifelike I half expect him to blink and fly about the house!  Birdie wanna go outside?!!  :D

Little Milo

by brae  

Little Milo has passed away.  :[  He was two years old and still getting around fairly well though I could tell his health was failing.  These little hamsters live about two to three years.

He came to live with me during the transition between homes back in 2014.  He jumped up and down as I looked in the cage next to his at the pet store...I guess he knew he wanted a quiet life with me.  :]

This morning, I knew the time was close.  I said my goodbyes and wished him a safe journey.  I told him he could come visit any time.  He passed sometime today in the very spot I saw him last this morning.  I will miss my sweet little friend.

investigating the sea chest in the barn on Milo Valley Farm

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