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Roland Sneakypants

by brae  

How's that for a name?!!  :D

Roland the raccoon is a fine miniature made by Steve Panner.  Steve has been doing miniatures only a short time, but you'd never know it.  The work is remarkable.

Get out of the trash, Roland.  I'll make you a sandwich.  Haaaaaa

Roland is the perfect city animal for The Brownstone, though I am sure he'll be well traveled.  :]  Here he is sneaking about Baslow Ranch.

And The Aero Squadron Lounge....  Roland's wool fur is so soft.  He has the perfect stance and face...too stinkin' cute!

I've been waiting a long time to find a really well done raccoon in mini, and none spoke to me the way Roland did.  I'm so glad he's mine!  :D

Seriously, I'll make you a sandwich...just hold your horses!

Here's a fun video showing a real life raccoon sneakypants!  :D

Puppy want to go for a ride?!!!

by brae  

I bought this lovely Australian Shepherd dog from micksculptures724 on eBay awhile ago but put off showing him on my blog.  I posted about my lovely *Reve* animals in the beginning, and now I can't afford them anymore due to their popularity.  :O

But, I want to show Sherwood off since he's so smart and fun.  I guess I'll just have to take my chances.  Here he is fogging up the glass in the Beetle.

Here he is with Cora by *Reve*.  The two plants are from, and the bunny planter is from April.  :D

Sherwood is for a future build, but you have to grab minis you like when you see them.


by brae  

Yeah, so I went a little *Reve* crazy this week.  :D

I've named this delightful squirrel Archer.

I do so love his rosy cheeks!  I raided Sydney's hamster chow for a "nut" to use in the scene.

I made the topiaries a long time ago, and the cilantro has faded.  I will remake these someday with landscaping materials.  The patio set was bought on eBay a long time ago as well, and the leaves are from the bunch I made for the Heritage.

The table and chairs are a little small for 1:12 scale, but they work well here.  I've seen the cast iron patio sets in real life, and they are smaller than you would think.  When I get around to using these, I will spray paint them for a more authentic look.  They have no manufacturer markings, unfortunately, so I don't know where they originated.  I do love the shape of them.  :]

Hop to it!

by brae  

As you can see, the rabbit hutch has a new resident.  :D  I'll have to add some straw in there, make some carrots and greens.  In mini-land, I don't mind sharing the garden with a cute herbivore.

This beautiful bunny rabbit is by the talented *Reve* and I've named him Juniper.  The cadence of the word seems to mimic the hopping of a rabbit.

There won't be enough room for the hutch by Mt. Sydney Chalet, though I have a future build in mind where it would be no problem.  That doesn't mean he won't hop around the Chalet, though.  ;D

Oh, there he goes...hoppity, hoppity, session is over.

Jasper's story

by brae  

While we break for planning time, I thought I'd share a little off topic fun.  Jasper's story is very interesting.  You might have read about my first kitty Basil from this Baslow Ranch post.

Basil wasn't the first cat in my life, but the first that lived in my home.  After he passed, the house was so quiet.  I read on one of those pet bereavement sites that the best way to honor your departed loved one was to open your house to another animal in need of a lifetime home.  I started browsing petfinder and ran across "George."

from petfinder

I instantly loved that interesting face!  Looks like he has a secret...or is just confused...or both.  Now that I know him better, it's definitely both.  Haaaaaa!

The other photo showed him belly up, eyes closed and rolling on the floor.  I took that to mean a trusting personality who likes belly rubs.  :D

from petfinder 

I called the shelter number listed, but they said he was at county animal control, which uses the shelter number to field calls.  I called animal control, but George was already gone.  They said it takes some time for the website to update.  I was sad but also happy that he had found a home.

His profile was still on the website a week later, so I called again to make sure we were talking about the same cat.  She assured me he had been adopted but took my number and said she would check, just in case.

I lost interest in finding a new pet then, because it just felt right with George.  :\

About two weeks later, I started looking at black cats on petfinder since I know they are not adopted as readily, not only due to the superstition but they don't often photograph well.  I took my carrier and went to a place in the city after work one night.  I figured I would meet the four cats there that interested me and see if anything happened.

I was just getting ready to walk in the door at the shelter when my phone rang.  It was raining, so I stepped onto the porch with my carrier to answer the phone.  It was animal control.  The woman on the line asked if I was still interested in George because he had been returned for fighting with the existing cat at his new home.  I told her I was just about to go into another shelter to pick out another cat so she caught me just in time.  She agreed to hold him until Saturday afternoon; it was Thursday evening and their limited hours made it impossible for me to get out there sooner.

By this time, the shelter staff had noticed me with my empty carrier and invited me in to fill it.  I told them the story, but they really wanted me to take a cat with me right then.  I met the four cats as intended but nothing seemed to spark.  I gave the shelter a donation and headed home.

The animal control facility was overrun on Saturday.  They were having a special that if you brought in food and/or litter, it would decrease the adoption fee.  When I arrived, they put George in my carrier (I spent zero time with him) and we were shooed out the door.  :O

He cried the entire hour and a half ride home, and I thought, "What the hell did I just get myself into?!!!" 

Once at home, I sat with him in the back bedroom, and he was calm and curious.

Then he did a bear pose, and I was in love!  :D  I had never seen a cat do a bear pose before.  Apparently, this is fairly common.

Not too long after we arrived home, he was drowsily resting.  It was indeed meant to be.

I discovered his weirdness with water right away.  He likes to try to knock over anything with water in it.  I eventually got him a heavy bowl he can't tip.  Considering his friendly nature toward other people and his interest in a friend's cat when we tried to introduce them (his cat was a cranky ol' thing that refused to let Jasper near her), I think he was brought back either due to buyer's remorse or the water problem.  He's also susceptible to fear aggression, but he's 12 pounds.  I can take him.  He gets a timeout in the bathroom when he gets his crazy on, and all is well again about twenty minutes later.

George wasn't a bad name for him, but I chose to change it to Jasper.  It seems to fit him well.  Overall, he's a wonderful companion.  He's a snuggler, too.

Kitty kitty kitty

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