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Gustav, the learned otter

by brae  

I just received this clever little otter from Felting Dreams, and he is inspiring all sorts of ideas for a future fantasy build like Roland's Retreat.  :D  I've chosen the name Gustav.

Johana makes the most adorable animals.  (Mom gave me a set of her sleeping mice awhile back.)  She included a tiny journal so he can jot down his ideas.

Oh, the ideas!  I need to FOCUS!!!  :O


by brae  

I'm channeling my inner Bullwinkle and working some mini magic!  :D

There was a white rabbit for sale by agzr*studios on eBay recently, and I just loved the setup.  There was a top hat, magic wand and playing cards in the scene.  It was just the cutest!

I made a few playing cards from this free printable on Wings of Whimsy.  I sanded down a thin wooden dowel and painted it to look like an old fashioned magic wand.  The top hat is by Heidi Ott.  I chose a grey hat since it's easier to keep the dust away in photos.

Friedrich is ready to amaze you....

Presto!  :O  Whoa...we've gone back in time.  :]

Empty room

by brae  

My Shapeways contest room is prepped, clean and ready to be filled.  :D

Nothing like the home stretch...

Mara and Miles

by brae  

Quite awhile ago, April sent me a beautiful sock monkey made by the talented Cheryl Brown.  I always felt she could use a companion, and I finally found her a monkey friend!  :D  He's brought along a book to share.

Miles and Mara have the softest flocked fur.  Super cute!  :D

Herr Hare har har har

by brae  

This is Friedrich, and he will live on Milo Valley Farm, though he appears to be on holiday right now since that build isn't ready.

This rabbit is incredibly realistic, made by the talented micksculptures724 on eBay, the same artist who made Sherwood.  I love his little bear pose.  :]

I couldn't figure out why I was thinking German names when I saw him, but then it hit me that Herr and Hare sound the same...and then I got into a laughing fit about it all.  haaaaaaaaaaaa

I do like that slight tilt to his head that seems to be saying, "Was?"  (That's "what" in German in case you weren't familiar.)  :]

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