Category: "Animals"

What's in the box?!!

by brae  

No, no, Milo...there are no treats in the sea chest.  :\ We had some fun in the barn with only a modest bit of clean up needed afterward.  :O more »

Gustav, the learned otter

by brae  

I just received this clever little otter from Felting Dreams, and he is inspiring all sorts of ideas for a future fantasy build like Roland's Retreat. :D more »


by brae  

I'm channeling my inner Bullwinkle and working some mini magic!  :D There was a white rabbit for sale by agzr*studios on eBay recently, and I just loved the setup.  There was a top hat, magic wand and playing cards in the scene.  It was just the… more »

Empty room

by brae  

My Shapeways contest room is prepped, clean and ready to be filled.  :D Nothing like the home stretch... more »

Mara and Miles

by brae  

Quite awhile ago, April sent me a beautiful sock monkey made by the talented Cheryl Brown. I always felt she could use a companion, and I finally found her a monkey friend! :D He's brought along a book to share. Miles and Mara have the softest flocked fur. Super cute! :D more »

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