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Happy Easter 2014!

by brae  

Archer and Juniper are sharing some treats today! I've used a basket from Nikki Rowe and ribbon candy from Blondie.  The birds are by Barbara Ann Meyer, and the plants are from Michelle of Little Rabbit Minis and The white Easter bunny… more »

Double trouble...or the rest of the story from yesterday

by brae  

Roland ponders, "Hmm...what's this?" Sanford asks, "What's up there?"  Roland replies, "Muffins and cookies." Sanford warns, "Be careful.  Don't fall." Roland says, "Pffft.  I got this!" Sanford whispers, "Someone's coming...hurry up!" I swear… more »

New kitchen minis

by brae  

I recently purchased some lovely kitchen minis from LugArt Petit on etsy.  They are unique and beautifully made.  :D A mini soap dispenser. A lovely tea canister. Tiny dessert awesome.  :D A cute oven mitt with pine trees. Tiny muffins on… more »

The Brownstone - bay window section, part 1

by brae  

Just so you don't think I've been sitting around eating bon-bons*, opening fab gifts and shopping, here's a post on The Brownstone.  Haaa! I've been doing a lot of the same boring prep work I've already shown you -- painting the timber grid and filler… more »


by brae  

Pinterest gets me in trouble sometimes -- good trouble, but still....  :D  I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, and I check to see what's being pinned and what's most popular from my stats page.  When I do this, I often find other miniatures,… more »

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