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Luciana Violetta di Quattro Formaggi

by brae  

Or, Vi (vee) for short.  :D  We have a new housemate!  Violetta is a rescue kitty, roughly seven years old and very affectionate.  She doesn't talk much yet, except for many loud protests in the carrier while driving.  She has some hair loss, either… more »

Happy Groundhog Day 2016!

by brae  

It's Groundhog Day, but I think Woodrow is still making up his mind whether there will be an early Spring or six more weeks of Winter. It's not like I am lacking in mini projects to keep me busy...but it would be nice to have the windows open.  :] … more »

Making a 1/12 scale horse - part 1

by brae  

I've made a burrowing owl, chicks, hens and fish, but I've always left the more complex animals to the artisans.  I have wanted to add a 1:12 scale horse to my collection for some time now, and I figured a break in between projects would be a good… more »

Tinysaurus Rex

by brae  

Ages ago, I saw a Tinysaur T-Rex that April had assembled.  I put off getting one of my own, which is always a mistake.  If you like something for a future project, it's better to get it and store it.  When I finally got around to looking for them, they… more »

Meeko, the cat with the interesting expression

by brae  

I really wasn't in the market for another mini cat, but well....  I'm sure we've all been there.  :D  I've named him Meeko since he reminds me of the expressive racoon in Pocahontas.  He is made by JMDS. He came with a removable set of bat wings to… more »

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