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by brae  

There's a new bird in my collection.  :D  It's becoming rather a zoo around here.  This is Grover, and he is a Great Horned Owl made by tmd_art on eBay. The feathers are so well done and true to life.  Looks like he's found a rather good perch on the… more »

Halloween Eve 2016

by brae  

I have something else planned for a Halloween post, but a recent acquisition calls for its own feature. These adorable bats and tree are the work of Olga Proshina.  One has open wings. The other is wrapped up tight.  :]  Both have super cute… more »

Bird perches

by brae  

I re-purposed two House of Miniatures kits for Clyde and Sam -- a bookstand and pedestal desk.  I've kept the tops for other uses. I finished them in dark walnut with a satin varnish.  Pretty birdies! To make the perches, I used pieces from the old… more »

Skeleton flamingos

by brae  

Who doesn't love a kitschy lawn ornament or three?  :D Saved from a life as discarded swizzle sticks, these flamingos now have an undead existence in the Haunted Heritage lawn. I've listed the extras in my etsy shop.  :] more »

Three and a half months left...

by brae  

There are roughly three and a half months left to the deadline, and this is the time when I usually get impatient and want to reveal what I'm working on.  :D  Even Roland is sneaking about trying to see inside. This is also the point where my long… more »

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