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by brae  

I was followed home yesterday.  :D This is Morris.  He's a "regular" short hair Syrian hamster, so he's twice the size of the dwarf hamsters I usually have.  He's full scale! Morris is very friendly, likely since the gal at the pet store handles the… more »


by brae  

I have a new mini bird in my life, but this one I didn't make. I've named him Sam, though his beak is true to life rather than cartoonish like the one of his namesake Toucan Sam.  :D  Man, I haven't had Froot Loops in a long time! Sam is a gorgeous… more »

Little Milo

by brae  

Little Milo has passed away.  :[  He was two years old and still getting around fairly well though I could tell his health was failing.  These little hamsters live about two to three years. He came to live with me during the transition between homes… more »

Luciana Violetta di Quattro Formaggi

by brae  

Or, Vi (vee) for short.  :D  We have a new housemate!  Violetta is a rescue kitty, roughly seven years old and very affectionate.  She doesn't talk much yet, except for many loud protests in the carrier while driving.  She has some hair loss, either… more »

Happy Groundhog Day 2016!

by brae  

It's Groundhog Day, but I think Woodrow is still making up his mind whether there will be an early Spring or six more weeks of Winter. It's not like I am lacking in mini projects to keep me busy...but it would be nice to have the windows open.  :] … more »

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