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Happy Groundhog Day 2016!

by brae  

It's Groundhog Day, but I think Woodrow is still making up his mind whether there will be an early Spring or six more weeks of Winter. It's not like I am lacking in mini projects to keep me busy...but it would be nice to have the windows open.  :] … more »

Making a 1/12 scale horse - part 1

by brae  

I've made a burrowing owl, chicks, hens and fish, but I've always left the more complex animals to the artisans.  I have wanted to add a 1:12 scale horse to my collection for some time now, and I figured a break in between projects would be a good… more »

Tinysaurus Rex

by brae  

Ages ago, I saw a Tinysaur T-Rex that April had assembled.  I put off getting one of my own, which is always a mistake.  If you like something for a future project, it's better to get it and store it.  When I finally got around to looking for them, they… more »

Meeko, the cat with the interesting expression

by brae  

I really wasn't in the market for another mini cat, but well....  I'm sure we've all been there.  :D  I've named him Meeko since he reminds me of the expressive racoon in Pocahontas.  He is made by JMDS. He came with a removable set of bat wings to… more »

What lies behind those eyes...

by brae  

Isabeau shall bewitch you this Halloween season!!!! :O more »

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