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A quick switch between hobbies...

by brae  

I'm going to take a short break here to make a dress for a special event coming up soon.  :D  In the time not spent working on that, there will be secret HBS build progress going on.  So, it might be a little quiet around here for a few days. more »

The Wee Sisters Three

by brae  

April, Blondie and Debora sent me the most adorable trio of mice for my birthday.  These three wee sisters are Daisy, Poppy and Fleur.  While they each have their own personality and vary in looks, I still might have to make bracelets for them so… more »

What's in the box?!!

by brae  

No, no, Milo...there are no treats in the sea chest.  :\ We had some fun in the barn with only a modest bit of clean up needed afterward.  :O more »

Gustav, the learned otter

by brae  

I just received this clever little otter from Felting Dreams, and he is inspiring all sorts of ideas for a future fantasy build like Roland's Retreat. :D more »


by brae  

I'm channeling my inner Bullwinkle and working some mini magic!  :D There was a white rabbit for sale by agzr*studios on eBay recently, and I just loved the setup.  There was a top hat, magic wand and playing cards in the scene.  It was just the… more »

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