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Herr Hare har har har

by brae  

This is Friedrich, and he will live on Milo Valley Farm, though he appears to be on holiday right now since that build isn't ready.   This rabbit is incredibly realistic, made by the talented micksculptures724 on eBay, the same artist who made Sherwood.… more »


by brae  

Last week, I was at the pet store and just had to go by the hamsters.  :]  I was looking at the Robo hamsters when one little guy in the next bin over came up to the glass.  I just melted.  :D  I've named him Milo, and he has the sweetest disposition. … more »

Sydney at the Rainbow Bridge

by brae  

My little hamster friend Sydney crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight.  He developed a large tumor a few months back but continued to move around, run in his wheel (until a few days ago) and seemed to have no pain.  He was unsteady on his feet in his final… more »


by brae  

Endora is a beautiful black and white cat from agzr*studios.  Here she is resting on a custom afghan by Woodland Miniatures draped over a Bespaq striped sofa.  The pillow is from Katie Arthur. A. Gabriela Z. Rodriguez, the artist who made Endora, does… more »

Baa, baa, brown sheep, come on over to my house!

by brae  

There's this delightful etsy shop called Motley Mutton, and the artist creates wonderful needlefelted animals.  I've been for awhile now and finally found a friend of my own.  This is Isla, and she's a lovely little sheep.  :D… more »

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