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by brae  

Endora is a beautiful black and white cat from agzr*studios.  Here she is resting on a custom afghan by Woodland Miniatures draped over a Bespaq striped sofa.  The pillow is from Katie Arthur. A. Gabriela Z. Rodriguez, the artist who made Endora, does… more »

Baa, baa, brown sheep, come on over to my house!

by brae  

There's this delightful etsy shop called Motley Mutton, and the artist creates wonderful needlefelted animals.  I've been for awhile now and finally found a friend of my own.  This is Isla, and she's a lovely little sheep.  :D… more »

A throne for Ophelia

by brae  

I've always loved the shape and color of this Petite Princess chair and ottoman.  :D  I found a decent set at a good price on eBay and decided to take the plunge. I knew it would be a bit small for 1:12 scale -- I believe it's meant to be 1:16 scale. … more »


by brae  

Roland and Sanford absconded with the cannon from Bill.  They also raided the spice cabinet for mustard seeds. When I found them, I tried to explain that it was rude to launch mustard seeds at unsuspecting boaters.  :\ I don't think they understood. … more »

Hugo B. Agerton

by brae  

There's another critter in my house!  :D more »

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