Animals - made and purchased

by brae  

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Auguste - by agzr*studios

Grover - by tmd_art

Lucius - by Olga Proshina

Igraine - by Olga Proshina

Skeleton flamingos - an otterine original

Clyde the Hoopoe bird - by Katie Doka of FairiesMiniatures.

Sam the Toco Toucan - by Katie Doka of FairiesMiniatures

Meeko - by JMDS

Isabeau - by Maya Schippl

Poppy, Daisy and Fleur - by CozyMilArt

Gustav, the learned otter - by Felting Dreams

Miles and Mara - by Cheryl Brown

Friedrich - by micksculptures724

Endora - by agzr*studios

Isla - by Motley Mutton

Hugo B. Agerton - by Steve Panner

Violet - by Mirianata

Sanford - by Steve Panner

Roland Sneakypants - by Steve Panner

Sherwood - by micksculptures724

Archer - by *Reve*

Juniper - by *Reve*

Sea otter - by Marion

Cora - by *Reve*

Miss Charlotte - from PamelaJunkMinis

Woodrow - by *Reve*

Hens - work in progress - an otterine original

Ophelia - by *Reve*

Chaucer - by *Reve*

Grahame - by *Reve*

Mouse - by Kristy of Mini Menagerie

Mr. Rabbit - from K. Kuti Designs

Smallest piggy I've ever seen - from The Kennedys

Birdfeeder - an otterine original; bird from A Little More in Miniatures
(bird feeders in three finishes are available in my etsy shop)

Miss Kitty - from PamelaJunkMinis

Mouse stealing the cheese - purchased, artist unknown

Sarge - Schleich toy, unaltered

Saltwater Aquarium in 1:12 scale - an otterine original

Burrowing Owl - an otterine original

Vintage kitty doll from my childhood - manufacturer unknown
(pet bed available in my etsy shop)


Comment from: Lina [Visitor]  

This is amazing! I love it!! <3

01/19/13 @ 13:53
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]

Love the aquarium -amazing details and vivid colours

04/16/13 @ 15:37
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you! &amp;#58;&amp;#68;

04/16/13 @ 19:18

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