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New purchased minis

by brae  

Over the past few weeks, I've acquired a few new pieces that I have no home for.  :D  I have ideas for three of the pieces but not the last one.  I just couldn't pass them up, though.

The first three are Bespaq pieces I bought from eBay seller kenneth9134.2007.  He has some incredible deals on famous maker pieces and even does some custom work as well.  I bought a sofa...

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...and then discovered there were a matching set of chairs.  These will likely end up in the yet-to-be-built alpine chalet one of these days.  :]

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The other item recently acquired is this absolutely beautiful chair made by Kris at 1 Inch Minis.  I love the shape and colors and fabric!  It's so well made, too.

This one is curious, though...seems like it would fit well in a haunted house with a mix of whimsy and historical creepiness.  But, I am undecided.  I just love it, that's all I know!  :D

The Alpine Chalet

by brae  

No, I'm not bored or abandoning the Newport.  I am continuing to work on it, solve issues, etc.  However, I have been itching to start a project that I've had in mind for a number of months: an Alpine Chalet.  Now, this will be a luxury chalet the likes of which I am probably never going to be able to afford in real life!  :D

The itch started when I found this gorgeous dollhouse online from a shop in the UK.  I've tried contacting them about the house numerous times by e-mail and telephone to no avail.  Their website is also down, so I am guessing they are out of business.

The Alpine by La Maison Dollshouses and Miniatures

I thought, "RATS!  I won't be getting that one."  Then a number of people on the Greenleaf forum mentioned scratch building houses - and I thought about all the scratch built furniture I've done.  Looking at the structure, it seems pretty straightforward in design - a box with an angled roof line.  I can do that...well, as long as I venture into getting some power tools.  :D  The local Home Depot will get my boards close in size, but I'll need power tools to clean them up from there.

The itch to start got worse when I found these great kits at the Bishop Show last week.  These are kits by Kari Bloom at Miniton Miniatures.  I bought two of the chairs to make the library table a dining table.  I also bought two of the end tables to make a set.

click image to enlarge

Most of the chalets I've researched have beautiful wood interiors with stone fireplaces, and that sort of thing lends itself well to the Arts & Crafts style.

My initial plan for the first floor will include an efficiency kitchen with a dining area, a spiral staircase and a living room with a stone fireplace.

rental condo - Mont Tremblant, Canada

The second floor will be a grand bedroom with a balcony.

ski chalet - Telluride, Colorado

What is eluding me is where to put the posh bathroom with the two-person tub!  :D

Chalet Resort Almdorf - Austria

That's why I need to see it in mockup form.  I might be able to split the loft area with the bed or find a corner for it on the first floor.  That's the drawback of open back dollhouses - something is always in the way.  :\

My initial thought is to make a small bathroom for the basics and put the big tub in the bedroom with a privacy screen (I stayed in a nice resort that did this and it looked very nice).  It's the angled roof that will determine a lot of this placement.

This week, I took some of my winnings from and ordered six front windows, a double French door and a snazzy exterior door that will easily take stained glass.  These will help me determine the facade layout and start the process...hurray!

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