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Prairie Rug II - 15.5 hours

by brae  

Now we're getting somewhere!  :D  It seems to be going faster this time around now that I have the hang of the technique. This is 15.5 hours of stitching time on the Prairie II rug.  You can see just how big it is with Cora modeling. more »

New beginnings - Prairie Rug II - 7.5 hours

by brae  

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a nice celebration and feel a sense of renewal.  :] It seems appropriate for a new year to start with a new beginning...of the Prairie Rug II.  As you may recall, the first Prairie Rug ran into a major problem with dy… more »

Mt. Sydney Chalet - Greenleaf Spring Fling 2013

by brae  

Even before the lightning strike occurred and my home was turned upside down for cleaning and renovation, I had decided to not enter the Greenleaf Spring Fling this year do to time constraints.  The month-long renovation solidified that point.  In order… more »

Spring Fling Fireplace, part 1

by brae  

The fireplace plan has been scroll sawed into wood reality.  :D All of the pieces are still unattached.  I need to apply the final finish to them first. more »

Knotty pine from basswood

by brae  

I had a slight staining mishap while working on the Spring Fling.  I used my favorite IKEA stain, antique.  Well, the can was a little old and had bits of coagulated stain floating in it.  I didn't realize this until after I started to apply it, of cour… more »

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