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Tulip Rug - 1 hour

by brae  

I have my floss wound on bobbins and the pattern transferred to my fabric.  I also adjusted the blue tip on the needle to make a shorter stitch.  The Tulip Rug has so much detail, that I thought a shorter pile would work better.

It looks cleaner on the back since punchneedle doesn't take true shape until you have larger areas filled in.  It's slower going since there is so much detail and you need to turn the hoop as you work.

Even with this small amount done, I am loving the colors together.  :D

Brick and wood beam walkway

by brae  

I often consult my inspiration files when I start a new build and go back to them along the way as the build progresses.  For Mt. Sydney Chalet, I found a wonderful idea for the side walkway in a mud room floor from designer Amy Morris for Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  I love the use of wood and brick as well as the diamond design.

After measuring the space on the landscape board, I drew a template in Word and tested the fit.

I made some minor adjustments and made a final template to use in construction.  I cut egg carton pavers 1/2" x 1" to fill the space between 1/2" x 1/16" wood beams.  The entire structure would be enclosed with 1/4" x 1/16" beams.

To age the wood beams, I used a carving knife to rough up the surface before sanding the boards smooth.

I stained the wood using Staining Antiquing Medium mixed with Mississippi Mud by Americana.

While the wood dried, I glued the pavers to the template, leaving next to no space between the bricks.  This wasn't a wall where I needed room for grout lines.

I painted the bricks with Liquitex Burnt Sienna.

I aged the bricks with a dark paint wash.

I cut and glued the wood beams to the template starting with the border.

I then cut the diagonals to fit.

It worked out better than I thought it would.  :D

I added a dark paint wash to deepen the wood grain.

The wood color seems to clash with the cherry siding at the moment, so I might need to add more paint washes.  I will wait until the grass and other landscaping is in place, though, before making any modifications.

Prairie Rug II - stitching complete

by brae  

I finished stitching the Prairie Rug II with 24.75 hours of stitching time, which is a lot less than what I put into the first one I never finished.  As I mentioned, I had a better handle on the technique so I was able to work more quickly.

I need to go back over it once more, clip any random long loops and fill in anywhere I think it needs it.  Then it will be time for final finishing around the edges.  I will use the abandoned first attempt to try some techniques before tackling the keeper rug.  :D

Hop to it!

by brae  

As you can see, the rabbit hutch has a new resident.  :D  I'll have to add some straw in there, make some carrots and greens.  In mini-land, I don't mind sharing the garden with a cute herbivore.

This beautiful bunny rabbit is by the talented *Reve* and I've named him Juniper.  The cadence of the word seems to mimic the hopping of a rabbit.

There won't be enough room for the hutch by Mt. Sydney Chalet, though I have a future build in mind where it would be no problem.  That doesn't mean he won't hop around the Chalet, though.  ;D

Oh, there he goes...hoppity, hoppity, session is over.

Arts and Crafts Tulip Rug in punchneedle

by brae  

For Mt. Sydney Chalet, I need two large area rugs.  I've been working on the beautiful Prairie Rug II from Mitchell's Interiors for the living area on the first floor.  For the bedroom, I chose a much more intricate design: L.R. Resources Inc. Arts and Crafts Blue Rug.  I like to call it the Tulip Rug, though.  :D  The Prairie rug gave me a primer with the materials, and the Tulip rug will certainly challenge me.

This rug was printed out at 9" x 7" and therefore will take up a large amount of room in the upstairs bedroom.

I traced the design onto Aunt Martha's Tracing Paper using a Sulky Iron-On transfer pen in black.  As I had done for the Prairie Rug, I made a high contrast printout for this part.  If I couldn't produce a good quality contrast print, I'd probably have to use a different paper since it's not very transparent.

The transfer pen has a relatively fine tip for details and works well.  Due to the more intricate design, though, I had to simplify a few of the finer details.  I can always stitch in more detail than the drawn pattern, but even with the simplifications, it's a highly detailed rug.

Here are the colors I've chosen.  I used the printout as a guide but chose more vibrant colors.

As soon as the Prairie Rug II is finished, I'll start working on this one.  :]   Guess that means I'll be back to Mt. Sydney Chalet soon!

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