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Poison Apple Cake

by brae  

I've seen a few examples of poison apple cakes in real life and wanted one in mini. After a few failed attempts, I have a keeper! I made two more for a couple of friends. :D  These are challenging but so much fun! ------ You can see the real life… more »

Autumn Scarecrows

by brae  

I made a fresh batch of scarecrows for the autumn season. Who's looking forward to Halloween?!  (meeee!) A few of these will be in my etsy shop when it reopens. I also have a few more in the works. more »

Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin Bouquets

by brae  

I recreated my pumpkin bouquet from last year. These will be in my etsy shop when it reopens. Here's the original from last year. :] Dresser by Dollhouse Smithery, black bottle from CW Lubin, doily from Stewart Dollhouse Creations, mouse purchased years… more »