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Whinnie's Terrace

by brae  

I had a different idea going for the HBS Creatin' Contest at the beginning of the year that came to me before I saw the kit, The Corner Place. I built a few things that I loved, but I couldn't get the final piece to look the way I wanted. I ended up… more »

Container tree, part 2

by brae  

Completed the container tree. I built up the interior of the container with glued-in layers of foam, first thick layers of builders foam (shown below) and then thinner layers of white foam sheet to get to the right height. I filled the spaces around the… more »

Five Felines rug

by brae  

This French knot rug depicts five felines near and dear to me: River, Cloie, Jasper, Whinnie and Cosmo. They've each touched my life in a special way. The original pattern was made by Anne Ritter, and I was inspired by the rug made by Shelly Norris from… more »