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Watson Mill - more wallpaper and lighting

by brae  

Time to install the wall sconce in the upper bedroom while wallpapering -- it will make sense in a minute.  I had made the channels for the wires previously.  The sconce wires will not be poked through the wall to the exterior but instead will run on… more »

Watson Mill - bedroom wallpaper prep

by brae  

Time to prep the upstairs bedroom wallpaper.  I lucked out with a great find at the recent Wee "c" Miniatures Show 2017 - a vintage paper from Mini Graphics called Gallery Flower.  Since it came rolled, I pressed it flat on the table for a couple weeks… more »

Happy New Year 2018!

by brae  

Yeah, I missed blogging for Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Ah, well.  I had some ideas, but time got away from me.  Life has still been good, so no worries.  I haven't given up on minis, either, but my schedule has changed quite a bit leaving less time… more »