The Haunted Heritage - 1920s inspired kitchen

by brae  

The 1920s inspired kitchen was the first room I completed in The Haunted Heritage.  It's a large room with a dining area and vintage kitchen appliances.  I tried to not add too much clutter, but just a few added accessories really make a difference.  Feels like home. 

The furniture arrangement didn't change much from the original dry fit.

Structurally, I upgraded the side window with a Houseworks working window and added a casement window above the sink.  The flooring is Cream Diamonds by The Paper Studio and the wallpaper in Geometric Fa La La by Making Memories.  The back of the wallpaper is aged green, so I used that in the bay window section.  I went with subtle white patterned curtains and simple fabric pelmets for the window treatments.  It softens the look of the room without being over the top.  The potted flowering plant is from Michelle.

The casement window curtains ended up being a little too short, but I liked them well enough to leave them as is.

The front bay window is part of the original kit, and considering the age of the kit wood I was happy with the way it turned out.  One window assembly is completely glued together and the window is shut since the wood for these pieces was beyond repair.  But, guess what?  The other two windows actually work!!!!  The second window is set partially open, and though the window slider isn't glued in place, the wood for this assembly is not in the best condition and doesn't allow for very fluid raising and lowering of the window.  But, it works!  The third window, however, works so well that I need a dowel to keep it propped open!  How positively wonderful!  It's just like a real life old house - one window is painted shut, one window sticks and one won't stay open!!!  :D

The curtains in the bay window have a custom made rod to hold them in place.

I used fairy lace tiebacks on the outer panels but I liked the look of the inner panels left straight.  This way, grandma doesn't have to reach over the table to untie them every time she wants a little privacy.  ;D

With the table and chairs in place, it really sets the mood.  First, with the curtains in focus.

And, then with the furniture in focus.

I love through-the-window photo views.  :]  The autumn fruit basket is from Hungarian Miniatures.

In this photo, I feel as though I can hear the crickets and see the fireflies outside.

I also replaced the interior wall, adding a working pocket door.  There is a lever that operates the door from the open back so you don't have to reach inside to open the door.   It has a leather and Tyvek hinge to fold flat when the door is open.

I really love the way the crown molding completes the room.

My original thought for heating the Heritage beyond the parlor fireplace was to place painted radiators in the rooms.  Even though the rooms are somewhat spacious, radiators do take up a decent amount of space.  Then I ran into a fantastic tutorial by Kris at 1 Inch Minis: gravity baseboard registers.  Perfect!

I used diamond canvas instead of square and added a metal headpin for the lever.  I placed the register under the Roper range so it could be seen, though it's one of those details that's mainly for me.  It's not strikingly obvious, but I am glad it's there.

The cast metal Roper range is by Jacqueline Kerr Deiber.  It's a heavy piece with lots of character.

The metal Monitor Top Refrigerator was also designed by Jacqueline Kerr Deiber.

It has wonderful lines and is also very heavy.

I love the shelves and the ice box.  :D

The kitchen sink is one of my favorite minis!  The dish drainer is from The Dolls House Mall and it came with a mop, too.  The laser cut stainless steel has wonderful detail and looks great for scale.

It's a 1920s porcelain Kohler kitchen sink by Jacqueline Kerr Deiber.  I've always liked the look of this sink but never thought I'd build a house to use one.

Grandma has her cleaning supplies and some extra baskets under the sink.  Lyssa made the beautiful white and brown baskets

I made the duster from a Silly Sisters tutorial.  I added a cord loop on the end for hanging.

The chick in the nest was made by C. Rohal.

The flower in the milk carton was made from a true2scale kit.

The pint of perfect cherries is from The Garden Path, purchased at a local mini show.

This wonderfully made basket is from Lidi, and I made the Bonnie Lavish flowers from kits.

Keli made this amazing Hoosier cabinet for me - such a wonderful and generous gift.

I had to set up the vignette outside of the kitchen to get a photograph of the details since the kitchen is a little tight to fit the camera.  The tea towels throughout the kitchen are from Marlene.

I won a lovely cookie baking set from Creating Dollhouse Miniatures.  The pieces are so well made and realistic.

My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies.  No kidding.  Every family gathering has people hoarding the cookies she brings, even though she brings dozens!  I know chocolate chip cookies, and these minis are just like hers!  :D

Cookies in progress certainly warm up a kitchen, don't they?


The whistling tea kettle is by Ulus Miniatures - purchased from Mainly Minis.  We had one of these in real life at my childhood farmhouse.  Mom still has it and uses it, too!

There is a white ceiling fixture above the dining table.

The kitchen area has a lovely Ray Storey pendant gas light.  If I had had a larger budget, I would have bought the matching 3-arm down light for the dining table.  But, the white ceiling fixture is still a beautiful piece.  The gas light is very well made.  I love the way it highlights the textured ceiling.  It's the perfect vintage touch.

I don't suppose in reality this dim fixture would do much good in the kitchen for nighttime cooking, but it casts such a wonderfully soft light over this part of the room.

The dining table was made from a House of Miniatures kit, and the Lilje chairs kit came from Art of Mini.  For the upholstery, I chose a brown and ivory print.  I think it is close enough to the dark red to tie in well with the wallpaper.

The banjo clock was made from a Cynthia Howe Miniatures kit.  Love it!!!!  :D

The artwork fits the kitchen décor perfectly, and the cabochon clock face is very realistic.

My grandparents had lovely vintage clocks in their home, one of which now hangs in my real life kitchen.

Kelly made this wonderful artwork called Ghosts of the Past.  I think it works wonderfully here in the kitchen.  Maybe it's an old faded photo of grandma's childhood home.  :]  The lovely pitcher is from Caterina.

I made a wall calendar using the image of my childhood home, the lovely place from my dreams that inspired this build.

The tiny paper months of October, November and December were cut from a mini desk calendar and pasted to a piece of cardstock along with the printed photo.

The cat bowls are from D's Miniatures and Collectibles, and I made a mat for them from paw print fabric.

The only place I had for them was under the side window.  :D

I love the way this room turned let's have some cookies!

For The Haunted Heritage pictorial recap post, please click here.  Click here for a full list of Heritage posts, including how I made things and the materials used.


Comment from: Lara [Visitor]

It was great to follow this project! It turned out so beautiful and realistic. I love what you have done. Looking forward to your next project.

08/10/13 @ 02:44
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]


08/10/13 @ 05:37
Comment from: April [Visitor]

The whole room is a drool worthy collection of miniatures from some of the best mini artists and friends around the world, paired with your talent and’s simply outstanding.

08/10/13 @ 06:44
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]

It’s so wonderful to have such a detailed walk through. Your work is so amazing!

08/10/13 @ 07:56
Comment from: Sherrill [Visitor]

I just love your craftsmanship and attention to detail! But what really caught my eye is all the similar elements that I’m using in my Charming Cottage – the same sink with casement window, diagonal tile floor, table by the front window.

08/10/13 @ 09:18
Comment from: Blake [Visitor]

This is all so perfect! I love how homey it feels! :)

08/10/13 @ 10:07
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]

Stunning work down to the last detail! Very inspiring to read your posts and learn how you have overcome some difficulties in the mini building process. Your end result here is spectacularly life-like (very cozy kitchen) as always! I can almost smell those cookies baking! :-D

08/10/13 @ 12:50
Comment from: Betsy [Visitor]

I LOVE this room!!! It looks so amazing, your attention to detail really brings it to life! Definetily one of my favorites of all your dollhouses!

08/10/13 @ 20:58
Comment from: Betsy Rogers [Visitor]

Brae, Your work is just AWESOME!!! I LOVE every single Perfect Tiny detail! I love that you have thought about every choice… there are no accidents… you are telling a story and you know what pieces work! And you work on them until they are right! I am so in Awe of your perseverance and patience and your Vision! Your little calendar made with a picture of your childhood home that inspired this build is SO Beautiful! And just one of so many similar touches! I have been following you on this build and have learned so much from your constant “improvements” to the old kit and your thorough and clear explanations of how you made the changes! Bravo for a Magnificent Project! And Thank you for sharing so much!

08/11/13 @ 08:21
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you all so much!!! :>>

08/11/13 @ 10:54
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]

Hello Brae! I think that your kitchen is Marvelous and I love how you have integrated memories from the past into the present within this kitchen/ dining room! All those little details such as the heat register in the wall,( that I use to have in my Real Life house as well) the window propped open with a stick the cookies in progress, the sliding door and the fabulous kitchen appliances; all these details and more, makes this a room that looks completely authentic and so very homey and Personal! You have meticulously produced a room that every mini person would hate to leave. They would just want to sit all day at the pretty table with a cup of coffee and eat those chocolate chip cookies, as they visited with grandma!


08/11/13 @ 17:18
Comment from: Gaye [Visitor]

Absolutely beautiful, Brea! I love your Haunted Heritage and I’m thrilled beyond words to see the cookie set you won from my blog in the kitchen of my most favorite dollhouse ever! =) I love your attention to detail and how everything is just perfect! You are truly an inspiration!

08/12/13 @ 11:54
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you!!! :>>

08/12/13 @ 13:14
Comment from: 12Create [Visitor]

It was great to revisit this room Brae. I love the way one window is propped up with a stick and one is sealed shut. It so reminds me of an old villa we used to own. I love the table and chairs. You have wonderful items of furniture but it is the wonderful accessories and finishing touches that gives the room its wonderful atmosphere.

08/13/13 @ 03:07
Comment from: Veronique [Visitor]  

Oh this is beautiful! Such detail and style. I am in awe and no where near done drooling….

08/15/13 @ 05:19
Comment from: Sandra Campbell [Visitor]

I love everything about this room Brae! The wallpaper, the fixtures, the wonderful lights and all the lovely little details that make the difference between a bare room and a cosy, atmospheric setting that feels so homey. Sandie

08/17/13 @ 19:14
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you!!! :>>

08/19/13 @ 09:40
Comment from: Amy K. [Visitor]  

So glad I stumbled upon your site. My grandparents were working on a dollhouse kit together, and it’s been unfinished and gathering dust for about thirty years. Pappy recently passed away and Grammy decided that the torch needed to be passed now. I inherited a beautiful, huge, wooden dollhouse and tons of vintage furniture and accessories that she’s accumulated over the years. I’m doing a lot of reading and planning before I get to work. :)

01/11/15 @ 08:46

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