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Wanted: Grandt Line Spooky Hollow kit

by brae  

I'm seeking a Grandt Line Spooky Hollow kit. If you have one you're willing to part with, please send me an email. :]


Riverwood Cabin - colors and prep

by brae  

Starting work on Riverwood Cabin.  After viewing a lot of landscaping videos, I've decided it's better for me to build the house first then do the landscaping to fit.  I found this great inspiration house online.  I love the colors and the water's edge landscaping.  I won't be copying directly, like adding a chimney or making a bigger deck, but it gives me a good starting point for a color scheme and landscaping ideas.

Planning ahead, I bought shingles from Ultimatetrains.  The kit shingles are printed and good quality, but I wanted to try true texture.

The kit manufacturer has included guide marks for shingle strips if you happen to buy them as a supplement to the kit, which is just awesome.  :D  Less prep work is always awesome.

The patio is pretty warped on the frame.  I foresee the use of many magic words in my future as I assemble that part.  After I get it painted, I'll press this and any other parts for a few days to see if I can get them flattened a bit more.

The instructions indicate that painting and staining work better before assembly, so I am going to start there.  For the front and back siding, I've chosen Villa Green by Folk Art.  Paint has to be applied in thin layers to keep the thin wood from warping.

I would apply paint on a portion and then flip over to paint the other side.  This kept the warping under control.  There is an interior second floor that adds stability and a more realistic interior view.  I'd also like to add some LED lighting to the interior.  I painted the interior front and back Battleship by Americana so the light will glow through the windows and not light up the whole structure inside.

It's a lovely teal/seafoam mix.  Since it's just the front and back, I didn't think the brighter color would overwhelm. 

I stained some of the pieces using Minwax Staining Pens.

The exterior roof pieces, floors and lower floor supports are dark walnut.

The interior roof pieces are golden oak.

For the trims, deck and railings, I've chosen Camel by Folk Art.  I'll need to paint the outer edges as I remove the parts from the frame during construction since they are dark from the laser cutting process.  I painted the front and back doors Night Sky by Americana.  These are very hard to paint, and they look a little uneven in the photo. I'll try to fine tune them a bit more.

Micro Scale Models

by brae  

A recap post to make it easier to find the micro scale models.  You can click the title links for additional details and photos.

Riverwood Cabin - New Rail Models A-Frame Cabin kit in N-Scale - work in progress


Gustav's Mill - Archistories Windmill "Marienfehn" in Z scale - work in progress


Hampton House - 1:144 scale - work in progress

photo from website


Log Farmhouse - 1:144 scale - future project

photo from website

Riverwood Cabin - the plan

by brae  

I've named the N Scale A-frame - Riverwood Cabin.  I bought a 12-inch square board to serve as the landscaping base.  Since the house footprint is roughly two inches square, that will leave a lot of room for some new landscaping techniques, namely the kind used in model railroads.  I want to try making a riverfront property, so I'll be using styrofoam, sculpting materials and resin water.  I've been watching videos on landscaping and picking up materials to test.

I also picked up some accessories to get me on the way.  I was actually searching for a Jeep or equivalent, but fell for this beast.  It was unnamed in the listing, but I am fairly sure this is a 1967 Ford Galaxie Custom 500 by Classic Metal Works.  I don't know why I would need a Batmobile for the A-frame, but I couldn't resist.  Yep, those wheels actually turn.

I also picked up a Mercedes SUV and Mini Cooper.  I was thinking it might be fun to take some vintage photos with the big Ford and then modern photos with the newer cars.

These cats and dogs are crazy small.

Honestly, the cats don't look like anything beyond fuzz.  haaaaaaaa  So, we'll likely use one of the dogs, but I especially love the hydrant (which would likely not be present in the woods) and the trash can.

A-frame in N-Scale

by brae  

Next!  :D  Yeah, I need a small (pun intended) project to ease back into a bigger commitment, like Watson Mill.  It's hard to switch gears like that.

I've always wanted to build a mini A-frame since they are one of my favorite house designs in real life.  Unfortunately, 1:12 scale would be impossibly big to get usable space inside.  So, a micro model is a nice compromise.

I found this New Rail Models A-Frame Cabin kit in N-Scale on eBay after searching for some time.  If you can find this kit in N-Scale, it can ratchet up in price quickly.  I was lucky to find a Buy It Now listing for about $30 for a brand-new kit.  It seems easier to find the HO Scale version.

The front piece for the house measures 1 15/16" tall by 1 13/16" wide.  So wee.  It comes with printed shingles, but I will see about a truer material.

An excellent source of inspiration and information can be found in this delightful book appropriately titled A-frame by Chad Randl.  This is also one of those holy grail finds, because the aftermarket prices are unreal.  I was able to snag one back in 2015 for $30, and even then, the prices were $75 and up.

Even if I never made an A-frame, I wanted this book for my library.  :]

I'll get back to the Half Clocked posts, though, while I peruse my book and read the instructions on this tiny kit.  :]

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